Mona In Mexico

A couple years ago I took a "booze cruise" from Long Beach to Ensenada Mexico. When you arrive at the port they let you debark from the ship and explore the city. After playing with some parrots who happened to speak English, we decided to go to "Papa's and Beer" - the DJ was amazing and there were people taking shots off of shirtless girls - gotta love Mexico!

There was a little old man, who is apparently "Salvador Vilchez" walking around the bar offering his artistic services to the very sophisticated patrons - me included. For a nominal fee he would draw you. It would obviously be a better souvenir than the worst hang over of my life! But I noticed something even better! On his sketch pad he had a drawing of the Mona Lisa taped to it. I think he was only charing a few dollars for a sketch (memory is a lil fuzzy!) but after I saw Mona I was like: "I"ll give you 20$! for that!"

So that is the story about how I got the drawing above. The "nip slip" is a perfect representation of the trip to Mexico. The end

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