Leonardo da Vinci is fading (SIKE)

"Leonardo, the complete man of the Renaissance, paces forth, as far removed from medieval man as imagination can conceive."

Da Vinci's self portrait, drawn in red chalk (One of my most favorite drawings of all time) has been reported that it is beyond repair. The culprit? - Mold. I'm kinda pissed that whoever was taking care of him - didn't spray some Lysol on it. Fortunately there have been probably thousands of pictures taken - saving it for posterity's sake.

This sketch hasn't gotten the same kinda attention as the Mona Lisa - and that's ok. By attention I mean super-high-tech scans and analysis. The Mona Lisa is made up of thousands of layers of transparent paint - applied at microscopic levels. ( We don't even really know how he applied the paint!) It's not only complicated, it's THICK. The coating on only one of her layers amount to the single plain on Leo's self portrait sketch.

What this means is that a single HD pic of this drawing would preserve everything on the paper exactly - if not even more than it has within itself. But with the Mona Lisa - there isn't really a way or a display that could both scan and show it properly - in the same way it was painted.

500 years later and its still one of the top ten drawings in the entire world. Leonardo's Vitruvian man is #1, but this one is more complicated in a totally different way.

See those random dots and specks? They were meant to be there. See the biggest dot in the middle of the bottom of it? - also meant to be there! why? - Itsjustlife.com

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