The Last Supper - Detailed

This started out as something I was working on for another project but after spending hours staring and sketching each and every detail about the Last Supper - I have learned a LOT about this painting. Lets just say the "Last Supper" Section of my book (Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter) just got a lot longer. 

One of the main difficulties in sketching a detailed version of the Last Supper is that it started to fall apart hundreds of years ago - while Leonardo was still alive. Not only that but there are pictures that have been taken of it before - during - and after it's most recent restoration which took over 10 years. This means that most of the pictures of the painting are slightly different. 

I'm attempting to re-construct it to it's most accurate form. So I've been using multiple pictures of the painting as references. I'm working on the main outlines of everything first, then I will go in and sketch out the details (down to the individual flecks of paint) and then analyze the colors. 

I didn't just verify my main theory about this painting - That is meant to be seen mirrored on itself (see my site for more) but I'm also seeing even more things that are blowing my mind! Leonardo spent 4 years on this painting and implemented not just revolutionary artistic techniques - but advanced mathematics and geometry. 

Too bad I got my first D ever in Geometry class - but i'm catching up now.



This image shows how I used another more high resolution image of just Jesus to do his outlines. Also notice how it is very different from other pictures of the Last Supper.

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