How to Train you Budgie to step up on your finger.

How to Train you Budgie to step up on your finger.

(Nala, I got her to get up on my finger right out of the box after I got her from the pet store!)


1. When you put your finger down towards them - you have to do it with a calm and assertive mind frame. If you are cautious or hesitant or afraid - they will sense that and run away.

2. If you intend on getting them to step you - you have to keep trying until they do. You cannot give up. If you do they will learn that if they run away - they can get away with it. If you are consistent and every single time you try - you eventually succeed they will learn that you are not "Trying" but you are serious. No matter how long or difficult they make it for you - you will always win. They will soon get up on your finger the first time, almost, everytime.

Its best to keep their stay on your finger brief and fun. Work your way up to a longer amount of time as they get used to it and realize that it's not a bad thing or a punishment. Since my birds usually have their wings trimmed and can't fly - if they get out of their cage they won't be able to get back up to it. So they know that III am the one and only thing that can get them back home and to their food and "Safe place."

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