Computer Generates "Perfect" Song

Scientists create 'perfect' pop song through natural selection

  • "Just as the strongest and healthiest plants and animals pass on their good genes to future generations, researchers claim music evolves as musicians copy the best aspects of other artists' work while filtering out their less popular traits.This means that every time someone buys a song, they are contributing to the "natural selection" process by which the best songs are rewarded with success and the worst ones fade into obscurity, the scientists said.The researchers, from Imperial College London, tested their theory by combining a series of random noises into 100 eight-second loops, before asking 7,000 internet users to listen to them and rate how much they enjoyed them."

They had people choose which music they liked best then let a computer generate a new song based off of those - and then did this over and over for over 2000 "Generations" This is the sound that was born:
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