The Inquisitor’s Key - Shroud of Turin

The Inquisitor’s Key is a new fiction book by Jon Jefferson about the Shroud of Turin.

Others have claimed that Leonardo created the Shroud of Turin and it was possible with the materials at the time. It's basically an image with 3d photographic characteristics. One of the arguments against Leonardo creating it -besides it being so advanced - is that he wasn't alive in 1357 when the Shroud was first documented. In my book I explain that there is no way to know what Cloth is the "original" or at least the one form the 1300's let alone from the 40's when it was supposedly on Jesus himself. Not only that but an image could have been added on that cloth by Leonardo. 

I realized that Leonardo's Vitruvian Man sketch combined with the Shroud. I also discovered a mirroring and artistic phenomena present in the Shroud that i've attributed to Leonardo and his other works. More on my site HERE

Holy Shroud or clever hoax?

"For centuries, believers and skeptics have played tug of war with Shroud of Turin, a 14-foot strip of ivory-colored linen bearing the reddish-brown, bloodstained image of a crucified man. It’s the world’s most famous relic, revered by millions as the burial cloth of Jesus.

It’s also a lightning rod, sparking thorny questions of science and faith.

If the Shroud is genuine – 2,000 years old – can science prove its authenticity and miraculous origin (and thus prove the existence of God)?

If, on the other hand, it’s a clever forgery, how does science explain it – an image that’s highly detailed yet is so faint and barely-there that doesn’t even penetrate the surface of the fibers?

I pondered these questions while researching and writing "The Inquisitor’s Key," a crime thriller set in Avignon, France, the home of the Popes for most of the 14th century."

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