The War Horse is Over

I was watching "War Horse" and Joey (the horse) was taken in by a girl. She loved him and his friend but eventually they were taken away by the army. She was sad. The end!

"Don't be sad that it ended, smile because it happened."

But what it made me question, for perhaps the first time, is why do we have to be sad when something good leaves? Why should we remain bitter and upset?

Everything is going to leave eventually. EVERYTHING. So when something does it makes a lot more sense to appreciate it, and remember it, but let it go without any sad emotions. What use do they serve?

They are really there to motivate us to get something back, or to protect something - not to stay upset when something leaves that we can't get back. Or that we know we shouldn't keep. Those feelings are there, instinctually to keep a family together and to protect things and people - and to try and save them if they are taken, or get lost.

This is called "possessiveness."

They are not there to be miserable over something that is not re-obtainable. Those feelings can be manifested and then placed on other things - also instinctutal. If a lion killed your kid, you would then put that loss into anger and fear into a lion - any lion. The same can be said with a divorce or some emotional tragedy - that same loss and anger and fear can be placed on them, or yourself, or other men or women, or all "man-kind". It's really redundant.

When letting something go when it is in our nature to hold onto things, we must put in our hands - something else. Someone else, or something else- find something to occupy your time and mind and you will realize that whatever or whoever it is that you are missing or whatever emotion you are feeling about their lack - will be lost from your mind as much as they are lost from your life.

This happens all the time with everything, every meal ends, every tv show ends, every drink, every mile you put on your car - the past is gone. Place these things in the past, and they too will be gone. The memory is just a concept within your mind, and as such is within your control. Don't let it control you. These are the ghosts of the mind that can become and stay alive if YOU let them.

“Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.” - Leo

“In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.” - Leo

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