This is the Mona Lisa. The most famous work of art in the world. Who she is, when she was painted, and even how she was painted are mysteries. You might wonder why? Why are there mysteries about a painting from someone who seemed to write almost everything down? In all of Da Vinci's hundreds of thousands of pages of journals, he mentions nothing seemingly specific about this painting. Instead his journals are written to teach someone how to truly see her. Once you can do that, then all of the mysteries turn from coincidences to clues.

Without giving too much away, (you gotta get the book for the details) Here is a summary of what I've discovered and some excerpts from the Chapter(s) on the fantastic Mona Lisa.

Who is the girl in this painting? The wife of a wealthy silk merchant? -Lisa Gherardini? Or how about a self portrait of Da Vinci as a woman? A figment of his imagination? Or could it be something more than anyone else could imagine? It is, after all, the most famous work of art in existence –but why?. Mona Lisa has been a mystery for over 500 hundred years. The time has come to reveal her mysteries, one layer at a time.

So I know what you’re probably thinking “what the hell is he talking about?” or maybe you just want a simple answer to one of the biggest mysteries of our time. WHO IS THE MONA LISA??? If I was asked to answer that with a single sentence it would pretty difficult. It’s taken almost a year of my life and starting, and having to stop and re-write this book several times. Every time I would get close to finishing I would end up unraveling more of the mystery and have to start over. So put in the most simple, yet cryptic way; the Mona Lisa is Love’s Prison. She’s a daughter, a mother, and a father – all at the same time. She’s the future and the past, and a single moment in time. She’s not just a painting, she’s alive and she has plenty to say.

SO, What is the Mona Lisa?

A painting! The most famous painting. The greatest Painting painted by the Greatest Painter. Probably the most famous face in the world. The most revered, the most copied, the most intriguing smile.. It’s a phenomenon, a cult classic, the epitome of genius design and execution. In a world where things hardly ever live up to their reputation, I assure you the Mona Lisa surpasses all.

This is wat is commonly accepted about the Mona Lisa;
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