The Shaman's Sight

"The Shaman’s Sight:

"The shaman thought there was something different in the distance. He didn’t know what it was so he kept looking. Day after day after day until it became more and more clear to him. The ship started off as a spec but as it approached it started to change. He couldn’t understand what it was? Was it a bird? A whale? What could it be? So he kept watching and watching and as it got closer he was more and more confused. It appears to be made of wood, but what could have made something so large?

If you looked out from a cliff out into an ocean you’ve never seen before- how would you know if a small brown dot of a ship in the distance was meant to be there or not? How would you know if it’s moving? You would have to know what a ship is AND look long enough to see that it’s changing. The shaman could eventually see it and perceive it as something moving but it was so difficult because he had never seen anything like it before. He had to show the other Indians before they could even see it! Think about that and how it relates to The Mona Lisa and a lot of things in life. I believe Da Vinci was like that shaman Indian but wasn’t able to tell his tribe at the time because they were ignorant fools! You might know the feeling. I sure do.
Like those Indians we only know what we’ve been told or what we can expect to see. If it’s something new or different we might not even be able to notice it. That also explains why everyone reacts to new things with fear – we can’t let our guard down until we know it’s not going to hurt us. How could you know if you don’t even know what it is?

You can imagine how a peaceful tribe of Indians would try to kill any new settlers who came on a big arch in the ocean! They looked different but in a way that they had never seen! They either thought they were gods or devils - or whatever that particular person had experienced to help them identify these new “people”. This is also the root of fear and discrimination. After all what separates those Indians from someone who’s never left their house? How about the Quakers? They’re not crazy they just don’t get out much - literally. What would happen to their perception of the world if they did? They have a limited perspective.." - Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter pgs 171-172 link

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