Adolph Menzel

Adolph Menzel :
"Adolph Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel, (December 8, 1815 – February 9, 1905) was a German artist noted for drawings, etchings, and paintings. Along with Caspar David Friedrich, he is considered one of the two most prominent German artists of the 19th century,and was the most successful artist of his era in Germany."
I randomly came across this guy's page and this painting "The Studio Wall" really stood out to me. At first I thought it was a photograph! This is a great example of "Photo-realistic" paintings vs. Abstract. The light and shadows and perspective are so "spot on" that it makes the painting look as if it were real.

The Studio Wall - 1872
(He said this was his best painting)

Iron Rolling Mill, 1872-1875. 

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