The Budgie queens

The budgies are Grounded (haha) because yesterday Nala chewed out of the tape that was in place of the plastic part that I broke. I was sitting outside with my Mom and she was like:

"oh look at that pretty bir.... oh shi that is one of your birds!" "hurry get her!"
I sat calmly and said:

"Mother, this is the newest bird'ith and I have only held her once. If I try and pick her up, she shall fly away."

So I sat and stared at her, winking (of course) to try and seduce her into trusting me. Thankfully her wings were still trimmed enough that she could only get a couple feet off the ground. And not high enough to get over the fence in the back yard. I have lost many a bird in that way.

She "Flew" away a little bit. I realized that, unlike Parker who is trained to "Step up" on thine finger, she was not.

Since she also hasn't been corrupted or terrified (like the other birds) to be afraid of me (yet) I wanted to get her back in the cage - but without having to grab her. I think the other birds will go on my finger because they know the alternative is being grasped by my terrifyingly dexterous and huge (to them) hands. The problem with that is they will BITE, and remember and be both angry and bitter with me. -Im not going to even get into the morality and necessity in trimming their wings and how traumatizing that must be - without them knowing that if I don't and they "escape" they would be eaten by crows in a matter of days. I try to explain that to them, but i'm not sure they understand!?

Parker will always go right up on my finger, he will even kiss me. (He doesn't bite, and if he does its just a nibble)

Cujo will fly away about 3.5 times, and then go on my finger (and his bites will only kinda bite)

Ames (bastard) will fly away about 10 times and then go on my finger (He will almost draw blood if he bites)

But Nala... - the only time she has been on my finger was the first day I bought her. (she was a christmas present for Parker since Cujo became OBSESSED with Ames and completely ignored Parker there after) ((My compassionate planned present has worked! and Nala has become a mediator and all of them get along a lot more now then they did before. 3 is company, is totally true in this case.))

SO Nala had escaped! She was in the back yard and I had to figure out a way to capture her and put her back in the cage. Genius, being that, I am. Realized that she would not step up on my finger. BUT i also realized that she wanted to go back to the cage and definitely knew that I was the one to get her there. So what I did, to avoid my scary finger, was to find a stick that I thought she would jump on - she did, and I carried her back into the house and into her cage.

Disaster bird'averted!

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