NOVA: Mystery of a Masterpiece

PBS documentary "NOVA: Mystery of a Masterpiece," airing Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. on KUED

Will attempt to answer if this painting/ drawing was really made by Leonardo da Vinci. It looks like Leo Stevenson will be in it, who I had the pleasure of getting to know after I worked with him for another show about the Mona Lisa (that should be airing early this year) Details about that will be posted when they become available!

My personal take on this work is that it was originally designed or started by Leonardo and then someone else altered it and or colored it. The design on the sleeve is definitely familiar, so is the detailing in the hair and the over-all look of the portrait. There is something about the color and the finishing that doesn't look right. I either think that's because it was preserved better than most of his other sketches or that, like i said, someone else enhanced it. I don't know enough details and dates to say for sure but that was my initial impression after seeing it. Looks like i'll have to watch the documentary!

PBS documentary attempts to identify Renaissance-era drawing as the work of da Vinci

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