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This is my very good friend's and "online Mom's" Web site n2davinciandbeyond.com She found that there are other drawings and paintings hidden within Leonardo's art. Check it out!

"Leonardo da Vinci said, "There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see." This site is dedicated to sharing the discovery of amazing hidden images and optical illusions found within ALL of Leonardo da Vinci's works of art. Special techniques such as the "Hologram Effect" are skillfully employed by the ingenious artist/inventor to hide layer upon layer of hidden images throughout All of his paintings, drawings, study sheets and sketches... Incredibly beautiful hidden images that appear suddenly right before your eyes then fade and form into another, then another astounding work of art. Learn the simple secrets to seeing an endless array of hidden images and illusions as well as a possible theory of how this secret has eluded our attention for over 500 years. Distance, angles, time and patience are all that's needed to view this hidden world of Leonado da Vinci. There are many new discoveries still to be posted as well as many more amazing discoveries found within my archives and the many different published Photo Albums listed below."n2davinciandbeyond.com


da Vinci: The Art of Illusion

Study_old_manPROFILE OF AN OLD MAN:  Leonardo da Vinci
   Just in case you missed this very special illusion from my August 2007 archives, it bares repeating.
  Sit back and tilt your head just slightly to the left staring intently at the corner of the old man's mouth.
   Suddenly the chin of the old man appears as the large round nose of another face.  See it?
Prof_of_an_old_man_ol_faceThe illusion of a hidden face with eyes and mouth outlined in white.  There are many, many more hidden images and amazing illusions lurking within this sketch.  Can you find them?
  Click on the following link to see a more detailed examination of this sketch and many more hidden images I've actually outlined for you: http://www.n2davinciandbeyond.com/n_2_da_vinci_and_beyond_b/2007/10/da-vinci-art-of.html
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