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I don't really see anything particularly "Leonardo" about this First Person Shooter (FPS) online-multi-player game other than it's set in a quazi-Renaissance. It's real significance isn't its content but its graphics. It will be the first official full Tegra 3 game. For those who don't keep up on Graphic Processors in Smart phones and tablets, or pc's, or.. everything else they go in, Tegra 3 is the newest Processor from NVIDA which features 4 Cores.

"The world’s first mobile super processors, NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core and Tegra® 2 dual-core processors deliver unprecedented performance in a wide range of mobile devices. Extreme multitasking. The best Web experience, with up to two times faster browsing and hardware-accelerated Flash. Console-quality gaming with an integrated ultra-low power (ULP) NVIDIA GeForce® GPU. Even HD video capabilities unlike anything seen before in mobile processors." LINK

Apples first Ipad had a single core. The Ipad2 had 2 cores. The same upgrade went into Apples IPhone 4 compared to the 4s. So the Tegra's quad core would be doubling the potential processing power compared to the Ipad2 and other similar dual core processors. ASUS's Transformer 2's Tablet (I want, I want!) will be the first to feature this processor and the first to have 4 cores.

Basically this new game, Davinci THD, is the first game to be designed to take advantage of the new Tegra 3. The amount of processing power required to render high quality and HD 3d graphics is evolving at an incredible rate. From building-sized computers to Atari to Game Boy to X-Box to X-Box 360  the trend has been to decrease size and increase the level of graphic's performance and quality. What has been happening in the last couple years is that the power and efficiency of smaller processors - is begging to match those of MUCH larger game consuls and full sized PC's. This means that we will be able to play the most advanced and complex 3D (Both graphically (3d environment) and virtually(3d glasses type)) in the palm of our hands. What used to require non-portable and bulky devices to play will be much smaller than the first cell phones.

It should be noted that these quality graphic are not 'impressive', advanced, or revolutionary by any means. They can be far exceeded and are at a mid-level quality compared to gaming PC's. The significance is that it's a MOBILE processor. This is a area where size does matter and smaller is better.

The Tegra 3 has both it's CPU and GPU on the same chip. So it has 4 CPU cores and 12 Graphic Processor cores.

A top of the line Desktop Computer could have two separate products in it that separates graphics and computer processors.  

Intel® Core™ i7-3930K (CPU): 6 Cores
NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 590 (GPU): 1024 Cores

The PC will then delegate the Graphic processing to the GPU and the Computer processing to the CPU. Graphic processing is for HD Video, 3d Rendering, and how many monitors you can have, the resolution, and things of that 'nature'.

It's obviously very complicated but also interesting that the first game to utilize this revolutionary mobile technology is titled: DaVinci. He was ahead of his time. This game is, perhaps, right on time. But then again in about a month it will be behind the times and something newer, more advanced, smaller, and better will be out.

Every time I play a new video game I remember playing my Nintendo NES (Super Mario Brothers) and think: WOW I can't even imagine what video games are going to be like in 3 years, let alone 10... Excited!

DaVinci Shows Up In Tegra Zone – Bringing Renaissance Style Online First Person Shooting Jan 2012


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