"Leonardo: Painter at the Court of Milan" NEWS

"Leonardo: Painter at the Court of Milan"

"Discovering da Vinci's Daughter"

London's National Gallery will be exhibiting 9 of 15 known Leonardo da Vinci paintings along with various sketches. This could very well be the first and possibly only time this many of his works of art have been displayed together. Pieces from around the world will be shown November 9-February 5, 2012. It's already nearly sold out with only a couple hundred tickets available at the door. 

The top two paintings the Last Supper & Mona Lisa will not be able to attend. The Last Supper being painted on a wall and the Mona Lisa, well, being worth almost a billion dollars isn't worth the risk. 

Mona Lisa

Perhaps the biggest sensation will be the newly authenticated "Christ as Salvator Mundi" which was sold a few years back for only 45 pounds which, since shown to be a Leonardo is now estimated to be worth 200$ Million! The estimated total value of all the works being displayed is over 2 Billion.. 

An exhibition with the actual paintings of Leonardo is more significant than most any other artist because of his Sfumato Technique for painting. Some of his paintings are actually made up of hundreds if not thousands of layers of paint, some of which are translucent. This quality of the paintings cannot be properly seen in a photograph or any kind of copy of the original. The best way to think of it would be to imagine that he was building up a 3d sculpture inside the layers of paint. This means that it would appear different when seen at different distances and angles similar to a sculpture. 

Mirror Mirror, Mona!

"These are miracles...forms already lost, mingled together in so small a space it can recreate and recompense by expansion (Dilation). Describe in thy anatomy what proportion there is between diameters of all the lenses in the eye and the distance from these to the crystalline lens." - Leonardo da Vinci

What are these "Miracles" ? Leo wrote in detail about the proportion between our eyes - which is what enables modern 3d technology, but also described a new form of artistic technique that has yet to be re-revealed. That's basically what my book/ site are about.

For those new to my blog/site check out itsjustlife.com for more about what I discovered and a preview of my book "Discovering da Vinci's Daughter"

Leonardo's St. Ann Cartoon Animations?

Leonardo da Vinci gets celebrity billing with UK show LINK
  • "(Reuters) - Move over George Clooney. Lady Gaga? So yesterday. The new celebrity in town is Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, subject of a major exhibition at London's National Gallery that has generated the hype of a Hollywood blockbuster."

Leonardo Da Vinci The Star Of Major London Show LINK
  • LONDON -- It has masterpieces, media frenzy, a contested gem -- everything but the "Mona Lisa." London's latest blockbuster art show confirms Leonardo da Vinci as a Renaissance rock star.A new exhibition of the artist's paintings at London's National Gallery is opening amid A-list levels of hype and anticipation. The BBC asked viewers: "Is this the greatest art exhibition ever?" Tuesday's VIP preview is being broadcast live on television and in 40 British movie theaters.

Leonardo da Vinci – the Greatest Show on Earth LINK
  • "A rash claim, I know, but there really is something very strange going on at the National Gallery, where the most comprehensive Leonardo show ever opens today. The press show I went to yesterday was the oddest I've been to. Already the queues were building up for the tiny number of tickets that haven't been sold. The warders seemed keyed up with excitement, with a sort of modest pride at being close to something so celebrated."

Rare da Vinci exhibition opens; works valued at $2 billion LINK
  • "LONDON— A "once-in-a-lifetime" exhibition of paintings and drawings by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci opened in London Wednesday. The show, "Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan," at London's National Gallery includes nine of da Vinci's 15 surviving paintings -- the first time so many of the artist's paintings have been exhibited together. The estimated insurance value of the works on show is $2 billion. "I think this is maybe a once-in-a-lifetime experience," said Luke Syson, curator of Italian painting before 1500 for The National Gallery. "(The exhibition) sort of tops everything, it's a moment in history really."

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