Salvator Mundi (The Savior of the world) by Leonardo da Vinci? (Update)

In a previous post I confused this painting of Salvator Mundi

Salvator Mundi

With this one below. The one above is obviously very similar and was by Bernardino Luini who was said to have worked directly with Leonardo. I had thought it was the painting to have been authenticated to be by da Vinci. I tried the mirroring technique and it worked almost identically on both paintings - both Luini's and da Vinci's. They definitely shared techniques and these paintings were inspired by each other. It would be interesting to know who painted which -first. I would go with Luini trying to emulate Leo.

I believe that Leo and his fellow artists would try to compete with each other to see who could paint a more complicated and "better" painting. Not only that but Leonardo was trying to teach his friends and apprentices and what better way than "Try to do this!"

Salvator Mundi

The curls in the hair are reminiscent of St. John the baptist, and the hands and skin look like the Mona Lisa and other Leonardo paintings. There is something really haunting about the eyes.

The mirroring effect is apparent. The face looks different when it's been mirrored on itself. You'll also notice how it appears like he is opening up the fabric to reveal what's on his chest.

Stare between his eyes for a few seconds. You'll see it start to change and animate... check out my web site for more!

Lets just say that I have little doubt that this painting was painted by Leonardo da Vinci...


Anonymous said…
Slice the image in half down the middle of the nose and mirror each half separately. One image holding both hands up in the air, one image holding two spheres. Having both come from the same image, how is it that they show two completely different individuals when split this way? I believe it to be a statement to the effect that Jesus & Christ are two different individuals. Jesus the man, Christ the consciousness that spoke through him.

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