Salvator Mundi (The Savior of the world) by Leonardo da Vinci?

(The "Savior of the World" that I am referring to in this post was not the painting being considered to be by Leonardo.  It was one of his apprentices. Click on the image above to go to the blog that is about the correct painting.

Its been announced that a new Leonardo da Vinci painting has been "verified" to be authentic. A long lost Leonardo (link)

It is going to be exhibited at London's National Gallery in November and auctioned off. It has been estimated to sell for 100-200 MILLION dollars. There is still some controversy if it really is a Leonardo da Vinci painting.

 Interestingly I have a picture of Salvado Mundi in my book. I had compared it to the Shroud of Turin & the vitruvian man: both of which I think were created by Leonardo himself. I think he purposely painted the Salvado Mundi as further proof that he also created the Shroud of Turin.

They say that great artists "use lies to tell the truth."  I think the Salvator Mundi was painted to eventually show that the same artist (da Vinci) created both images.

This shows the Shroud of Turin and The Vitruvian Man next to each other and inverted. The Shroud of Turin is encoded with 3d information on a 2d plane. 

This shows the Shroud of Turin mirrored on itself. You'll notice how it becomes even more clear and there are symbols and other images formed. Especially the Cross in the middle of his chest with what looks like his hands on either side of it as if he were praying with his hands separated with a cross in between. 

You might think the symbols were coincidental and a side effect of the mirroring. This is an image of Jesus so a cross being formed would be... a very ironic coincidence. It also makes you wonder if this really was the cloth that Jesus was covered with, and it really is a 3d image of him, why would this image show a cross being formed when the image is mirrored on itself? 

In my book I try to prove that Leonardo Created the Shroud of Turin and the evidence is his drawing The Vitruvian Man, and the painting Salvador Mundi aligning/ combining with each other. 

I also explain how Leonardo used a mirroring process to "hide" other images within one image.  There are plenty of examples of this in his art. One of the more interesting is the St. Ann Cartoon, see an animation I made HERE. 

I had already seen the Salvador Mundi in one of the first Leonardo books I bought. In the book it said the painter was unknown but that it was thought to be related to Leonardo.When I started working on the Shroud of Turin/ Vitruvian Man theory and I saw the images being created by combining and mirroring them, It reminded me of the Salvador Mundi. The face, the hands, the orb, etc.

This is an image from my book:

This is an image I made for my book before 2007: It's the Shroud of Turin Super Imposed over the Salvador Mundi. Pretty similar.. right?

Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter: June 2007: Pages:: 234 -217

  • "Those are the image from the Shroud of Turin superimposed over the painting: Salvator Mundi  which Da Vinci either painted personally or designed. Coincidence? It gets even better. (How would an artist know how to create an image of the face of Christ - that just so happens to be exactly like the face from the Shroud of Turin? Either the artist knew exactly what Jesus looked like - had a really great guess - or the shroud was also created by an artist)"
You can read more about this on my web site by going to the Shroud of Turin/ Vitruvian Man Link. 

I made the image above today. Its the Mundi mirrored on itself....I think this goes to support that this paining was by Leonardo (or at least designed by him) but also provides further evidence to support he created the Shroud of Turin which also demonstrates the mirroring technique. In the middle image you can see that it looks like his hands are pulling the cloth away from his chest.

Blog Articles about the Shroud of Turin & The vitruvian man:

UPDATE: The painting Salvador Mundi is no longer going to be for sale. I imagine there would be some controversy over if it should be able to be sold. Leonardo da Vinci paintings are so rare and historically significant that most people would agree that it should be kept in a museum and not a private collection. I'm unsure how it all works. Who owns it? Would a museum pay for it? I don't know.

"Robert Simon, who represents the group, told Bloomberg: “I’ve assured the National Gallery that the painting isn’t on the market and that there are no plans to sell it after the exhibition.”" Link


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