Animal Anatomy: Comparative (Bear Foot)

Leonardo da Vinci's Sketches of Bears and Feet
Leonardo was one of the first people to ever document the Human bodies internal anatomy.

 His sketches' detail were unrivaled until modern photography and the MRI machine. He dissected over a dozen bodies but also had a fascination with the animal kingdom. Which he also dissected and studied and sketched. In the first few sketches of animal skeletons you'll see how similar they can be. These were not by Leonardo but he did seem to notice a correlation between the animal and human kingdom. 

If you understand what I am hinting at - about what Leonardo was hinting at with his sketch of the Bear foot - (lower right hand corner) then you understand why he was only permitted to "hint" and not explain openly. That didn't happen until a couple hundred years later with Darwin.. .

"If you are as you have described yourself the king of the animals — it would be better for you to call yourself king of the beasts since you are the greatest of them all! — why do you not help them so that they may presently be able to give you their young in order to gratify your palate, for the sake of which you have tried to make yourself a tomb for all the animals? Even more I might say if to speak the entire truth were permitted me.. " - Leonardo da Vinci

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