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One of my more healthy obsessions are cars. If you gave me enough time I could probably type out every single production car available and a paragraph about it. For the past 10 years. Before that, I find them to be mostly irrelevant.

I'm not one of those car guys who only likes super exotics either, I actually know more about the lower range than the higher range. When I drive around I pay attention to every car and there is never a car that I dont know about on the road.

Earlier this week I was driving to get food and I noticed the new Jetta on the road for the first time. I've read about it and seen it online, and once in front of costco. But it was the first time I saw it on the road. So it started a train of thoughts about it. It looks a lot more expensive than it is. VW went a smart and toyoto-ish route of simple, functional, and refrained styling. Its no where near revolutionary but looks new and nice, and about 10k more than it really is. Starting at around 16k it could pass for an Audi.

These thoughts occupied my mind as I went to get Wahoos Fish Taco. When I got there I noticed yet another new Jetta in the parking lot. I thought: wow, thats a good sign for VW since it just came out. I got my food, and as I was pulling out I saw a Nissan 350z and for some, random reason I invented a new game that I have never thought of before but decided to test out.

The game could be called "this or that" and i thought it would be cool to notice a car, and then decide if I would rather drive it, or any subsequent cars I saw. I looked at all the other cars in the parking lot, there was a lexus rx, a.. well nothing else compared to the 350z. Price didn't matter, it was as simple as "would i rather drive that or that" As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw a new Red Corvette. I would rather drive a Corvette than a 350z (I used to drive a 93 vette when I was 16, and the 1982 vette is my favorite car of all time)

So as I was driving home, I was like, uhhh no no no, corvette wins. I was stopped at a traffic light when I thought to myself, well damn I wish I wouldn't have seen that corvette because there isn't going to be another car that I would rather drive.

RIGHT as I was thinking that, and I shit you not, In mid-sentence-thought-stream, I noticed a car turning the corner in front of me. It was a brand, PRE-new Fisker KARMA. Which isn't even for sale yet and which I have never seen in real life. It's literally my new favorite car. It's almost 90 Thousand dollars, a hybrid, and the first original car from Fisker who went from Aston Martin Car designer (my previous favorite dream car) turned car manufacturer.

SO randomly I decided to invent a new mental car game. Then I happened to see a corvette. Then I happened to see one of the only cars in the world, which I have never seen before, which could beat the corvette! You can't even buy this car yet and I dont know how many have been produced, but it was definitely a FLUKE to see one. And it would have been special to see one had I not been playing that new game, but to be in mid-thought about "Man, I wish I wouldn't have seen that corvette, I should pick a new car and start over.... omg is that.. a Fisker KARMA?????""

Needless to say I tried to catch up to it and take a picture of it. But I couldnt...

Synchronicity at its finest!


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