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Well for a reason, unknown to me, I am getting a ton of traffic today to my site and this blog. (If you know why please leave a comment)

I figured I should post something to help you get an idea of what my "blooking" (Blog/books) is all about.

I've spent the past 5+ Years working on a book: "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter" that's basically about different discoveries i've found about Leonardo Da Vinci's art. I've found a lot more than one but they are all based on an artistic technique that I had never heard/read/ or known about until the night(s) I made my initial "discovery" you can read about it HERE. 

It's taken literally years to understand and to be able to explain how this technique works. It involves human perception, optics, mirrors, and requires some training. I believe this will be a major discovery that will find interest with a lot of people (mona lisa is the #1 work of art in the world)

 What I found hidden in the Last Supper will be VERY controversial. (Jesus w/ Mary, passing around a baby) and not to mention the Shroud of Turin (which is the #1 most studied human artifact) it's been a mystery as to how it was created, I found clues that Da Vinci was responsible.

Even more noteworthy is that I could have found proof to attribute a NEW painting to the worlds greatest painter. It's of Salai - Da Vinci's assistant and probable lover. The face of Salai combines with the face of the Mona Lisa and the Face of Da Vinci's self portrait. I believe this was intentional and the theory I have about why he designed this, is pretty crazy. That doesn't mean it's not true!

Mona Lisa is an Anagram for "Mon Salai" Coincidence? Then why do these paintings combine perfectly

The Portrait of Salai and the Mona Lisa combined and mirrored on top of each other. 
Read more about it HERE. "MON SALAI

This hasn't been widely released or "marketed" yet because I've been trying to finish my book and figure out a couple more things that I need to.

 Thank you for checking out my blog/ web site and sharing it on twitter/ facebook / email/  helps spread the word. Thanks!

This is a list of note-worthy archived blogs that you can read to learn more about my book(s) and discoveries. They span almost 5 years and range from me being lost and .. a lil crazy, to more centered and coherent. Brace thy self!
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