I'm starting to realize that there is a glaring misconception that I have been ignoring.

You know how people seem to think that we should do the things that scare us? To face our fears and practice until we get perfect?

Well, what if that is just really - a total waste of time? Its quite obvious that people in the world are adept and totally willing to sabotage themselves and do things that make no sense what so ever. You see it on American Idol all the time. People who genuinely and completely think they have what it takes to become the next and greatest singer in the country. But they are very bad and have absolutely NO chance.

When they leave they tell themselves - "Well its' those judges they dont know what they are saying!" Or "I'm going to go home and practice everyday and come back next year, then i'll make it!"

They could get better, they could spend a LOT of time, all their time working at it, but .. they will never be able to get to a point where they are GREAT.

They will convince themselves that the only way they can be happy or fulfilled is if they "make it." So they'll spend their whole lives trying for something that isn't possible.

But people will tell them: "Good for you, follow your dreams! You should do what you want to do. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, do what makes you happy" ... really?

What if, instead of doing something they are actually, naturally, and innately good at - they do something they will never be good at instead? OR what if they actually could get "Good" at something they work out, but that takes away from the time they could have spent getting GREAT at something else?

It would be like a genius little person striving to become a professional basketball player instead of being a professor or a doctor.

I think a lot of the time, most times, we'll convince ourselves that we need to do X to make us happy. But we'll CHOSE ______ to be something that we can never actually achieve. That way we can keep dreaming and wanting and hoping for something - instead of actually getting it.

So maybe instead of working VERY hard at something just to become "ok" or "good" at it, we should spend that energy and effort into something we can be amazing at?

Maybe there comes a time when  giving up on our "Dreams" is what it takes to actually find a reality we've never even imagined was possible. I think it's time to take an honest and realistic look at our hopes and dreams and decide if they are really worth it. To find out if they are what we really want? Or are they just ways to sabotage ourselves into staying exactly where we are - dreaming.

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