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The Cartoon of St. Ann. This proves that Leonardo implemented a mirroring technique to hide additional images in his art. I'm calling it the Sfumato Effect. Click HERE to see an animation showing what I mean. It's explained thoroughly in my book. 

This is the painting of St. Ann by da Vinci. When the technique is applied there are numbers and letters that are revealed. I'm not totally sure what they mean but seem to be directions or coordinates to further the effect and unlock addition hidden images. I'll be posting more about this and examples of the hidden images on my site soon! 

The Shroud of turin is the most studied human artifact of all time. Leonardo's drawing "The vitruvian man" is one of his most iconic. What do they have in common? Was the image on the shroud a divine miracle or an example of Da Vinci's revolutionary "Sfumato Effect" Read about it here, and in my book. 

The Last Supper is one of the most famous paintings in the world. It is wall sized and took Leonardo 4 years to complete. It started to fall apart hundreds of years ago. Many restorations have been attempted. The character to the Left of Jesus has caused controversy for looking "feminine" Could it be Mary? Jesus's potential wife and mother of his child as made infamous by Dan Brown's"Da Vinci Code"? See what i've found in this painting when the sfumato effect is applied for yourself HERE and detailed in my book. 

 Why does Leonardo's Self portrait align and combine with the face of the Mona Lisa? 

 And who was Salai? Was he just Leonardo's assistant for over 20 years, or his lover? Why does a painting of Salai combine with the face of the Mona Lisa AND Da Vinci's self portrait?  Why does the image of a young girl magically appear when they are combined?

What does Leonardo mean by his quote:
"If Liberty is Dear to you, may you never DISCOVER that my face is love's prison" 
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