No Brain Damage From Ecstasy, New Research Shows

"The common understanding, and certainly the argument from the anti-drug camp, has been that ecstasy can cause memory loss, pose a serious brain damage risk, and have long-lasting effects on behavior.
Researchers are quick to point out that despite the study's conclusion, ecstasy is still a dangerous drug. The illegal pills have no warning labels, and can contain a number of harmful contaminants.
Studies have also looked into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a possible treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The idea is to provide at least a brief experience of what life feels like without the aftermath of trauma, to provide a state in which learning can occur." Read More

MDMA started as a therapy drug and didn't become illegal until people started to use it recreation-ally. There has always been conflicting information about how much damage - if any it could cause. It had been described as relatively harmless to being like "Taking ice cream scoops out of your brain" A big problem with gauging the side effects was determining what else someone might have been taking. Since it is illegal people would usually buy pills that could be laced with other cheaper drugs like meth.

This study shows that MDMA in its pure form isn't as dangerous as previously thought. I think in the right set of circumstances it could be very helpful as a therapy for post traumatic stress disorder and even autism.

Its unfortunate that the benefits of a drug could be ignored because of how others use it for recreation.

More about this coming up in my book..
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