"Mona Lisa was a Boy"

This is so incredibly annoying to me you have no freakkking idea.


Most scholars believe Leonardo’s most famous portrait depicts Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy Florentine silk merchant.
But Silvano Vinceti, the head of a team of researchers, believes instead that the painting was inspired by Gian Giacomo Caprotti, who began working with the Renaissance master as a child and became one of his most trusted companions.
He said several of Leonardo’s works, including two paintings of St John the Baptist and a lesser-known drawing called “Angel Incarnate,” were based on Caprotti.
All of them portray a slim, rather effeminate youth with curly hair.
There were striking similarities between those works and that of the Mona Lisa, particularly in the depiction of mouths and noses, said Mr Vinceti, the head of the National Committee for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

“Salai was a favourite model for Leonardo,” he said. “Leonardo certainly inserted characteristics of Salai in the ... Mona Lisa.”
Caprotti is thought to have entered Leonardo’s household around 1490, when he was about 10 years old.
Working as Leonardo’s assistant for the next 20 years, he acquired the nickname Salai, or Little Devil. He was the subject of several erotic drawings produced by the Renaissance genius.
“Salai was very handsome and probably Leonardo’s lover,” said Mr Vinceti. “He stole from Leonardo and caused him many problems, but the artist always forgave him.”
Other art historians were sceptical about the theory, however.
Pietro Marani, a Leonardo authority and the author of several books on the artist, called the theory “groundless.”
Previous scholars have claimed that Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa as a disguised self-portrait, or based the work, with its famously enigmatic smile, on his mother."
Apparently the increase in traffic my site and blog have been getting today is because of the release of the article above. 

I hope I don't sound too petty, desperate, or antagonistic, but damn! I've been working on my book and these discoveries for over 5 years. I had my car re-possessed, I lost everyone in my life, I'm over 30THOUSAND dollars in debt, and I literally went crazy dealing with all of this. 
I had no idea what to do with what I found, and I thought I was going insane and was delusional to be noticing what I was in art from 500 years ago. It didn't just seem crazy to me it did to Everyone in my life. No one could understand or help me because they didn't know what to do either. 

I couldn't get anyone to listen to my theories or work up the courage to show anyone what i found. Mean while other people find the same things (which could very likely have been taken directly from my web site/ book/blog) and get headline news written about it. 
A couple years ago someone released that they found a way to see the last supper by mirroring it on itself that revealed a hidden baby.. I had already had that EXACT discovery in my book, and on my web site for years before. That guy got 15MILLION hits to his web site in a single day which crashed the web sites servers. That is an unprecedented amount of traffic and hows how significant these Da Vinci related stories are. - This is why i've dedicated my entire life to them, my book, and my web site. I haven't made a single dollar in over 5 years, i'm 27 and the only way i'm able to do this is with the support of my MOM. This was made even more complicated with having to overcome an addiction problem(s), and finding out I had Aspergers (autism) which makes it almost impossible for me to "put myself out there" and do what it would take to share my discoveries and for my book to be success. I'm afraid to leave the house most of the time so the idea of going to a news station or editor is like, terrifying. I'm too much of a coward to even get on the phone, it's pathetic! haha

So you can understand my frustration with the article above thats from "The Telegraph" which is a HUGE news outlet. With the same discovery that i've been working on for years. Not even that but I have images proving it and animations and 6 other books i've self published about it and subsequently had to take down and RE-write. 

You'll notice that this article that was written about me and my book/ discoveries is dated 11/17/2006
Click to read the whole article:
Mona Lisa or Mon Salai?
by Louie Parsons
2006-11-17 08:26:17
"Some new theories have emerged about the identity and mystery surrounding the world's most famous work of art, but from an unexpected source: Derek Bair, a 23-year-old aspiring writer and photographer from Lake Forest, California."

"Derek has many theories for someone so young and who only started researching Da Vinci a few months ago. He's found it difficult to get anyone to listen to his theories due to a lack of credentials. He says, "I don't have a formal education in art or a certificate to back me up, but neither did Leonardo and he's regarded as the greatest genius so far. I think it was Einstein who said that if you haven't contributed to human knowledge by the age of thirty you wouldn't!"

The feminine form of Lisa Giocondo's last name, 'Gioconda' means 'Light-hearted lady' and Derek has found, not surprisingly, that the exact centre of the painting is focused on Mona's heart, plus it also has the most concentration of light. He says that this is just one of the many clues that Da Vinci left behind to help someone figure out who "she" really is. One of the many theories of the identity of the Mona Lisa has been Da Vinci himself. This stems from the fact that his self-portrait matches up exactly with that of the painting. Derek thinks this is no coincidence and, after his research, he's found another painting that also matches up.
The painting is of Da Vinci's assistant and lover Salai, which is housed in the Alois collection in Liechtenstein. "I thought it was fascinating that his self-portrait would match up with a painting of a woman. I tested this myself and found that it didn't just match up, but combined in a way that produced new images. I actually started to write an entire book on the theory that it was really him as a woman, but that ended up turning into something quite unexpected!"

While thinking of various other theories to describe why his face might match up with the Mona Lisa, Derek also considered the possibilities of a daughter, his mother or a sister. "I knew Da Vinci had it match up for a reason. A daughter made the most sense, but considering that he never married I was left with the idea that it could have been a painted daughter. Then I wondered who he would have the other parent be. I remembered those machines in shopping malls that tell you what you child might look like after it takes a picture of someone and their partner - what if that's it?"

"M O N A L I S A, rearranged, could spell out 'Mon Salai', which means 'my Salai' in French or possibly "M on Salai", which is also pretty cool since the painting of Salai does go over Mona!" There seems to be so many coincidences surrounding this painting and Da Vinci, not to consider there to be some substance to all of these claims, however fantastic they might seem, would be foolish."

These are two press releases that cost me 400$ to release - to which I got absolutely no response. 
  1. Author Releases Controversial Information About Last Supper Discovery and Da Vinci's Art: http://www.itsjustlife.com/pressrelease2.html
  2. New Discoveries reveal a real life Da Vinci Code http://www.itsjustlife.com/pressrelease.html

"One of the many theories of the identity of the Mona Lisa has been Da Vinci himself, as his self-portrait matches up exactly with that of the painting.  Bair found after more research that the painting of Da Vinci's assistant and lover Salai, which is housed in the Alois collection in Liechtenstein, also combines perfectly with the Mona Lisa. Derek says that this discovery alone provides the biggest insight into the Mona Lisa to date. Since the painting of Salai was painted before the Mona Lisa, it would have had to be used in the creation of the Mona Lisa.

“For two paintings to align perfectly when placed on top of each other, with only a change in size and NOT in proportion means that they would have had to been designed to do so.” Adding more credibility that this is no coincidence the title of Mona Lisa itself is a clue. An anagram of Mona Lisa is “Mon Salai” which means “My Salai” in French. Another name for Salai is Salino which is anagrammed to “Ona Lisa.” Is this a complex coincidence or careful planning? In his book Derek explains how and why this happens.

Derek thinks the following cryptic quote from Da Vinci describes what he’s found; “If liberty is dear to you, may you never discover that my face is love’s prison.”  

UHH. Ok i'm done venting. It just doesn't seem fair. But I guess thats the way of the world. You gotta fight for your place in it. Time to Man up!
I can't help but think there as been a little bit of Destiny and fate playing their parts in all of this. If what I found would have been released and accepted when I first discovered them -then I wouldn't' have been forced to keep focused as hard as I have. 
Then i wouldn't have put-together- and Discovered what I have recently...  lets just say that it will blow your mind i'm not going to be posting it before i'm done with my book! 

I've been patient enough It's My turn! Please! 
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