"Mon Salai" the Name Game

This animation shows the painting of Salai combining with the Mona Lisa.

Why would Leonardo intend for this to happen? -explanation

"It's just a coincidence!" - refutation 

The "supposed" sitter's name was " Lisa del Giocondo" or "La Gioconda" or  "Lisa Gherardini"

The title of "Mona Lisa" before it was called "Mona Lisa" was: La Gioconda or La Joconde

"Gian Giacomo Caprotti" 's nickname was Salai.

Salai Giacomo - Lisa Gioconda

Mona Lisa is an anagram for Mon Salai (My Salai in French)

Or possibly M (Mona) on Salai (Salai's portraits)

Salai - was the name used most in all of da Vinci's thousands of journals

If it seems complicated and coincidental it's because it is. These "Name Games" are even more complicated than that. 

Although it could be coincidental - it's definitely not. The titles and names were specifically chosen and designed to be clues for someone to figure this whole "riddle" out. 

These names and titles being connected alone would not make sense or would be seen as random. But since the portrait of the Salai combines with the Mona Lisa - it becomes further evidence that it was da Vinci's INTENTION. 

How much evidence do you need to believe it? Think about it..

The titles play a part. The names play a part. The paintings play a part. The journals play a part. The paintings combining perfectly play an UNDENIABLE part. 

You can explain away the titles being similar, or that the anagram is coincidental. But you can't explain away the fact that there are 4 images that all combine together. 

When all these parts are combined into a whole -da Vinci's lost legacy is revealed:

"IF liberty is dear to you may you never discover that my face is the prison of love." - Leonardo

Da Vinci's face, his self portrait, also combines with the Mona Lisa, The portrait of Salai, and St. John (which is also the face of Salai)

Again, how much evidence do you need to believe it? Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's not true. Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's not true. Just because the experts haven't noticed it doesn't mean it's not true. 

The many mysteries and enigmatic qualities of the Mona Lisa were specifically and intricately conceived by Leonardo to hide his secrets.

 They have to be kept secret or they would be destroyed. Why?

  1. Blatant Homosexuality, including in art, was punishable by death when Leonardo was alive
  2. If it wasn't kept secret - the art would be destroyed and along with his life's work and legacy
  3. It had to be kept hyped and popular so someone, someday would be able to discover it
  4. It had to obscure enough to be hidden but also obvious enough to be noticed... 
How do you accomplish this? You make it complicated. You make a puzzle that only someone very resourceful and curious could understand. 

If you have something secret and special to you that you have to keep hidden but also want to eventually be revealed, where do you hide it? How do you hide it?

You make it public and you encode the message in such a way that only a select few would be able to de-code it. Complicated enough to be elusive, coherent enough to be possible. 

Then when the time is right, and his 'Daughter' is Discovered, she can finally come to life and be seen as she was meant to be seen.

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