Lighting Misses twice...

Several years ago I almost had a brush with devastating success. I went online and saw a headline story that announced a new discovery about a  mirroring technique that reveals hidden images in Leonardo da Vinc's last supper. One hidden image was of a baby. 

OMG!!!!! Finally!  Someone went to my site and released what I found, I knew it would be headline news! Maybe Oprah finally got my email, was it Ellen? Was it one of the dozens of emails I sent out to news papers? Was it the packets with cds and pictures and book samples that I sent to Times - National Geographic? The Discovery Channel? Maybe the $400 we spent on a professionally released and written press releases were picked up????!! 

Then I clicked on it.....

-Stunned silence-. The article was not about me, or my book. But it WAS about my discovery and what already was IN my book, and what had been on my web site for over a year PREVIOUSLY. 

What? How could this be? That's suppose to be me! 

But wait, what's this? A new article... maybe this time someone will correct this travesty and give me credit where credit is due!...

"Last Supper theory crashes websites

by Barry ORegan | July 28, 2007 at 06:32 am"

" Now Slavisa Pesci, an information technologist and amateur scholar, says superimposing the Last Supper with its mirror-image throws up another picture containing a figure who looks like a Templar knight and another holding a small baby.

"I came across it by accident, from some of the details you can infer that we are not talking about chance but about a precise calculation," Pesci told journalists when he unveiled the theory this week.
his Websites ... had 15 million hits on Thursday morning alone, organizers said, adding they were trying to provide a more powerful server for the sites."

DEVESTATION, I was so upset that I might have cried, if I hadn't been in shock.
 Click on this old BLOG:

Saturday, July 28, 2007

To read what I posted when it happened.

You can imagine my frustration when I had made the same Discovery more than a year PREVIOUSLY (And it was already published in my book) and couldn't get any one to notice. Then someone else releases the same thing and gets 15MILLION hits in less than a day. (On average my site gets less than 40)

You can fantasize about the potential sales my book could have gotten had I been mentioned, or been as succesful with my own press releases that had gone out even EARLIER than his... the potential % of 15 million (IN ONE DAY!) interested readers is incredible... It was LITERALLY my dream come true, turned into a nightmare. Showing everyone who doubted me that there were people who actually cared about what I found and my book: Only to be glazed over yet again...

Doesn't seem fair does it? I literally gave up everything to write this book and haven't made a dollar in over 5 years. I have everything on the line for this book's success. (fingers crossed!)

If he noticed it independently and by himself it's one thing - and verifies what i've found. But if he got the idea from my site - it is another all-together. I received an email from someone who knew him implying that "came across it by accident" was purposly vague.

In my book I give a blow by blow exactly how I came across it and it was ANYTHING but random. It was actually a combination of a lot of factors but most of which was reading da Vinci's journals.

‎I made this image of the Opera House before:Wednesday, ‎August ‎27, ‎2003, ‏‎4:22:12 AM When I was studying Digital media in Sydney. I had been mirroring images in Photoshop for artistic effect - this one in particular was for the title image of this web site. 

So when I started my da Vinci research it was not a far step to use a mirroring technique. Since Leonardo actually wrote MIRRORED it's not too surprising he used a new and revolutionary "mirroring" technique in his art.

How he was able to do that without a computer... is another story completely... Which I will refrain from posting until I can figure out how to make a mini-movie-documenary about it. In the mean time please buy my book!
I'm going to post a time line of each discovory I made soon.

It gets worse.... (i'm not even going to comment on the dozens of other news stories that have come out since i've been writing my book)

The Last Supper
This is a animation I made that shows the discovery in action. You'll notice the green tie on the shoulder of the guy to the left turns into a mask on almost all the other characters.

The two Image collages above (click to see bigger) were made in 2006. I had them printed off so I could send them to different news agencies so they could see what i'm talking about. I also burned cd's with images pictures and explanations of how they were made and what they showed.

I never received a response from anyone. 

The only times I have had any success with someone posting something about what i've found was my local newspaper, Saddleback Valley and You'll notice the date is from 2006. The date of the article about someone else getting 15millions visitors in a day for the same thing - was in 2007...

 I've had my web site before I went to Australia when I was 20. I'm almost 28 now and in ALL that time it's only gotten 58805 views TOTAL.  Thats barely 8,000 a YEAR. I can count on one hand how many books I've sold. The profit of which wouldn't even pay for the cost of my site for a month or to have rough drafts printed to edit.

The reason for my dramatic posts and re-posting my book for sale, and all this hype and explanation is because in the last two days alone i've gotten over 8000 hits to my site, more than I usually get in a YEAR. And i'm ONLY getting this extra traffic from people who happen to be searching for "Salai"  and find my site. is rated high on search engines for "Salai" because there isnt' much about him online besides my book/site/blog. SO thankfully more visitors are finalllly finding my site!


There are dozens of videos on that show this effect. They are all a result of pesci's press release and not what I already had in my book. There are literally millions of views to these videos - which could have sent readers to my site.

The video above has gotten 1,385,867 views. (And there are dozens more) (SOOOO much more than my site has ever come close to getting, remember)

This image was made (by me) prior to Thursday, ‎June ‎01, ‎2006, ‏‎5:03:16 AM. A whole year BEFORE. But I did not get any press or hits even when I hired someone to professionally write and release one.

(Posted on Wednesday, 15 November, 2006 5:38)
"A real Da Vinci Code? -
"He has his research on his web site and says he will keep it updated with his current research which includes discovering a new way to view the Last Supper with shows that the feminine looknig character is indeed a woman and holding a baby. He insists that this is just a painting and isn't interested in the implications beyond what Da Vinci painted."

Anyways! Its been difficult to see "new" news stories being released being so popular - when the exact same things have already been written IN my book years previously. Not only that but the best parts about what I found and the most revolutionary discoveries have yet to be revealed. I'm sure you can now understand my discretion!
I'm going to be working on a youtube video soon to help promote my book. Until then if you have anyway to help spread the word I would really appreciate it.



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