People used to have to develop film to see pictures they took. They didn't' even know what the picture looked like until sometimes days later. Today we can see the picture we take seconds after we take it, delete it, or send it wire-lessly around the world.

I thankfully got into photography after this transition was already made and I learned photography at a much faster pace. You get better at taking pictures.. by taking.. pictures. So with Digital Cameras you can take literally thousands of pictures and see them, and improve in a much shorter time than you could when only film was available. Not only that but what I lack in skill with the camera I can make up for with a computer - touching it up, improving the colors and contrast, and even adding and taking away parts of the picture.

I grew up along side the digital age and we've always had a great relationship. Its something I just "get" and learn really quickly. When it comes to the more traditional and dare i say "archaic" institutions, I am a lot less comfortable.

So when I started to write a book I saw where technology was headed and avoided the more traditional route of book publishing. Why would I want to get a publisher that would tell me what to do, essentially become my boss, and take away a huge % of the money I would make? It just didn't make sense to me.

All I need is a reader - you, and a way for you to read/ buy my book. So I make a web site, put up a digital copy of my book you can read on your computer, and a way to pay for the download. But people also like to have a real life physical book to read instead of their computer monitor. will take care of that - they'll print a book off right when you order it and send it to you in the mail.

All the advice I have received over the years was based on information that was changing and  by people who were not from the future but from the past... digital books are now outselling hard cover books and are set to surpass paper books in about a year.

Once I finish my re-write I can have it available for someone to buy and read within minutes. I can have a paper version ready to be ordered in the same time.

Publisher? I am the publisher! ;-)

As with digital photography, digital book writing/ creation enables me to learn and evolve at a MUCH faster pace than in the past. Can you imagine writing a book with a typewriter or a printing press? How difficult it would be to go back and edit and change something? To add something? uh.. I can't even imagine. If you were to see the first book I made and compared it to the next, and to the next, and to the next, you would see not just small steps forward but huge leaps forward. In both my writing and the books themselves. I hope to make the best move forward with this re-write and really give it my all this time. I think before I was writing it as if it were for a teacher in a class room - to be graded. To make sure it was "just good enough" to get a passing grade. This time, the 'gloves are coming off' so to speak. The teacher might not like it, but I will.

Anyways, I got my Kindle today! I wanted to be able to take my book for a "test-run" and edit/read it anywhere. I already have my really rough draft up on it, and i'm ready to go! Its over 500 pages and 122,000 words long... I have a lot of work to do!
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