Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter

Two days ago I checked my web site and for some reason the traffic went up 1000xs from it's average 40hits a day to over 4000. I was like, wtf is going on?! I didn't know why, I thought "my day" had finally come and someone posted an new article about me/ my book/ or my discoveries.  I checked where the traffic was coming from and it wasn't from anything about me, it was about someone else releasing the same theory that I have had on my web site and in my book for 5 years.

"Mona Lisa was a boy?"
"Mona Lisa was Da Vinci's gay lover?"
"Mona Lisa was inspired by Salai?"

The Following links are only a few out of the dozens that are popping up all over the world.

But what you wont find in these news articles is my book or anything about me. So this breaking world wide news story has perked the interest of a lot of people, SO they are searching for these keywords to find out more about it:

Search Keywords
gian giacomo caprotti
lisa gherardini
da vinci salai
gian giacomo caprotti salai
lisa gherardini,
mona lisa painting salai
gian giacomo caprotti,
mona lisa salai

That is where my traffic is coming from. NOT that I'm in these news articles but because my web site and my blog are ranked as one of the top sources for those keywords. Why? Because they have been posted on my site for years. If someone searches for "Salai or Gian giacomo Caprotti" my web site will come up. 

This means that the traffic i'm getting is only the tip of an ice burg of people who were curious enough to SEARCH for more information. If my web site would be listed in these news articles I would be getting another 1000x increase in traffic. But thats not the case because this news is being released by someone besides me. 

I've tried to release what i've found before. I hired someone to professional write and release two press releases that had the EXACT same information as whats in headline news right now. Why didn't it work for me? Why is it working now for someone else? 

Honestly I gave up trying quite a while ago. I focused on finishing a re-write for my book instead. I thought:

 "I'll wait to try and release this until i'm done with my re-write. Then i'll have it ready for when people start coming to my site"

This obviously hasn't worked out for me. I have only sold maybe, 4 copies of my book in the past. Before I had the chance to sell any more I took it down so it wouldn't be for sale until I could re-write it. I thought it would only take a couple weeks to a couple months BUT its been more like a couple years.

During that time I obviously haven't been able to sell any books - because there were none for sale. I also didn't promote or try to release what i found -because my book wasn't done. You see the problem.

There was a lot of reasons for my re-write. 
  1. The previous version had some issues with grammar and spelling. 
  2. Since it was also the product of previous re-writes and had some parts written at differnt times - it was slightly repetitive and it didn't always flow.
  3. I had discovered more things that I wanted to include
  4. I had answered a lot of questions that I had asked and had not been able to answer before
  5. My writing abilities had improved and I wanted to release a version i was more proud of
  6. I wanted to refine the actual structure of the book and update the images and add more
  7. I wanted to change the chapter order - take out some, combine some, and remove some
I spent over a year on an actual outline for the re-write alone. During that time I also re-re-researched the hell out of all the topics in the book so they would be supported and verifiable. 

Basically I decided to take my book more seriously and try my HARDEST at making it the best book I possibly could. I'm still working on it, and I'm still not selling books. I have to admit to myself that I might have bit off more than I could chew and the feeling of being RUSHED and the pressure doesn't help me write. It inhibits it.

SO I've decided to re-release the previous version of my book: "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter" i'm going to call it the "Collectors Edition" It's completely unchanged from when it was self published in 2007. I was going to add a new preface and do a little tweaks here and there but decided to leave it how it was.

It represents almost 3 years of the hardest and worst and best years of my life. 

It's not perfectly written - I was learning how to write a book and professionally as I went along. I felt rushed to finish it and it's very difficult, tedious, and annoying to edit an almost 500 page book! There are errors, but they represent the reality of the writing process. 

The story about writing the book itself is almost as crazy as what the book is written about. I included it in what I call "interjections" which are interwoven between each chapter. The people who have read them think they are the best part of the book. I learned to write by keeping journals so that part was easier for me. 

I left a lot of what I was really going through in the interjections. I was afraid of being judged or discounted for some of my struggles with addition with drugs and alcohol and sexuality. In my new version i'm going explain them and elaborate. 

But needless to say part of the book are heavily influenced by a heavily under-the-influence mind. Writing with the motto "WRITE DRUNK - REVISE SOBER" can make for an interesting read, especially if you take out the REVISE part. 

I've actually read this book many times. It's hard to judge your own work but I get more impressed and intrigued by it each time I read it. The person who wrote it seems like someone else. 

My writing style is made even more unique by my "autism" (aspergers) which I didn't realize I had until half way through the book. There is a chapter and interjection about this as well and will help people better understand what it is about. 

This book is not a scam or a rip off. It is one of the most unique and enigmatic things you'll read. I don't just say that because I wrote it! I say that because I've read a lot of books and for better or worse - i've never read a book like this. 

These are two reviews by people who have actually read the whole book:

It's "Self Published" which means that there are no editors or publishers to change what's been written. It's all me.

I would really appreciate any help or support you could provide. Share a link to my site/blog. Email your friends. etc. 

 Buying my book would help so much. I haven't made any money in over 6 years and if it wasn't for the support of my Mom I wouldn't have been able to do this. 

You can buy a physical copy by going HERE

Or you can buy a DIGITAL COPY by going HERE. You can start reading the book as soon as you download it. 

They are being sold through which is one of the leading self publishers. Each book is printed to order and shipped and handled though them. 

I'm calling this version the "Collectors Edition" because I don't know how many will be sold or how long it will be for sale. It depends on how long it takes for me to finish the re-write. Getting this book doesn't only help me it could also be a good investment! 

I lack the salesman ship and pride to try and sell myself or my book but here are what others have said about it:

"What does it all mean, I don't know yet, but that made me decide to contact you who may really be the best Da Vinci expert in this age if not the reincarnated Da Vinci himself" - Teemu

"..your book really fascinated me a lot (as the topic was very different and new for me)...Well i have started reading your book and i am liking your research...." Deepika Mehta

  "I find your work to be outstanding.  I too think that you are just dangling on the precipice of a greater discovery." - Mark

"Pure genius and nothing more.." Pramod K. Uday

Another big reason I decided to release the older version unchanged or edited is because it was published and originally copyrighted in 2007. With all the new press Leonardo and his art have been getting. All the theories that are getting so much press recently - this book shows that I already had them years ago.

 Maybe it's time I finally asked please! 

"And it's a sad picture, the final blow hits you
Somebody else gets what you wanted again
You know it's all the same, another time and place

Repeating history and you?re getting sick of it

But I believe in whatever you do
And I'll do anything to see it through

Because these things will change, can you feel it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down
It's a revolution, the time will come for us to finally win" 
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