'Directors' Cut

I'm re-re-fining the "Collectors Edition" of my book: Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter. 

Ever since I 'finished' it in 2007 there have been some additional revisions I wanted to make. Every time i've read it i've really liked it more and more but there are still some parts that bug me. Some errors, some repetitiveness, some sentences that don't make sense.

The reason(s) I haven't updated it sooner was because I was planning on re-writing the entire book mostly from scratch. So why spend the time to improve a book that was going to be a rough draft?

After a few months turned into a few years without anything available for sale on my site and some increase in interest -I decided to just put the old version for sale. Then at least people who wanted to could buy the book and I could make some income while I finished the re-write.

Its been a couple weeks now and i've sold two books! But since my book is self published and printed to order - the price is high. When you buy my book it gets printed and sent to you, there aren't any already printed and ready to sell. I was going to try and reduce the page number to reduce the price - and while doing that I started to re-format it and fix some of the things that had been bugging me about it. Then I started to update some of the pictures and graphics with new and improved versions... Then i started to combine some chapters together.. then I started to take out some interjections..

And finally I decided that I should just take the time and make a true "collectors edition" which will be like a Directors Cut of a movie. It'll be the same book, just heavily updated and edited. Then I can have something I feel more comfortable/ proud of for sale while I finish what will now be a completely different book!

I'm thinking about this updated book being Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter 2.0 or the Collectors Edition and changing the name of the next book to something different. It will allow me to focus more on the Mona Lisa discoveries in this book, and more on what I've found more recently in the next one.

I'll also be offering it in a Kindle version! Which i'm very excited about. When I first started writing with the intent of publishing - I was already motivated by the digital path. I received a lot of speculation and people saying I was crazy to go with "Self Publishing" and digital but all that has completely changed in the last few years after I started. Digital Books are now outselling paper printed books on amazon.com Someone will be able to click on a button and be able to instantly read my book on a kindle, their phone, their computer, etc. It won't matter if i'm "Published" by a publisher, The playing field has been leveled! Annnnd since a lot of my book is dependent on imagery and graphics, its even better suited for digital technology. Once i'm done with the writing part of my book(s) then I can get to the interactive digital media aspects of all this.. which will be revolutionary.

In the next couple weeks/months I want to have my book and discoveries available across all the platforms. Web/ Phone/ Ipad/ Kindle/ Print/ and Video...

oh yeah, they'll be an app for that hahaha

SO while i'm finishing up some revisions feel free to buy the Original Version. In all it's unadulterated form. If my books eventually become successful then this version will definitely be a collectible since there are only about a dozen or so printed. If you buy this version I will send you a free digital copy of the next version. And for the two readers who already bought it.. thanks! Contact me and I will send you the update first.
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