Why we Weight!? (New Blog)

I've started a new blog for my book: Why we Weight:
Here is the link (click) http://whywewait.blogspot.com

whyweweight.blogspot.com was taken, so thats not me!

The new blog is a preview and lead up to my book. You can read more about it HERE

Thats the old cover. I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple weeks. It's a helluva lot easier to write than my Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter book! I'm hoping working on an easier and less intricate project will help inspire me to finish my main one. It will also get me back to writing again. I'm a little out of practice so bair with me.

This year was kind of a bust. I didn't really accomplish too much. But it wasn't bad. I did manage to gain a lot of weight, so what better time than new years to get back on track and not just get back to where I was - but to become better than that?

I haven't worked or made money in over 5 years, So forgive me if I try to start selling you things! Its time to try and become independent and successful. I need to grow up.

I should have the Why we Weight book done in the next couple weeks. Some calendars will be up for sale soon. And then finally the Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter book as well as cool art work.

So yeah, keep following me here, on my web site itsjustlife.com and my new blog:

The cover to the DDD Calendar. On sale in the new couple days!
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