"Mystery of the Holes"

Location: Peru - Cajamarquilla, in the Pisco Valley:

There are a series of man sized holes that stretch for about a mile. No one knows how long they have been there, or what they are for, or who or what made them. They were only discovered recently -because they were noticed from the air!

They range from being 6 - 7 feet deep to being shallow as if they weren't completed.

What people think they could be:
  • Stored Grain 
  • To bury people
  • a Natural phenomena
  • Mines for metal
  • Aliens
  • ...
No bodies or grain were found and they would be a strange way to hold either bodies or supplies. What in nature would make these? 

When I first saw these I didn't really know what to think. I thought about it some more - and still ... it's a "hmmmmm"

I would think when you dig in the ground it's to either bury something or to dig something up.  The two ideas of what they could be for - or why they were dug/ drilled are:

1. Someone is trying to find something that was buried. They didn't know exactly where - but only a general area. But.. you would expect the holes to be going out in a circular area instead of a band. Maybe they knew the latitude and not the longitude? Or visa versa? But what would they be digging up, and who buried it?

2. They are remnants of an ancient mining operation. Silver, gold, etc. This makes a lot of sense because thy are usually in "veins" inside the earth which could be followed and would probably look like this. But there aren't really any other holes like this in the world. No one else mines this way? What technology did they use to dig the holes?

3. They are a message. Since they are near the Nazca lines which can only be seen from the air, maybe they are also supposed to be viewed from the air. But in a braille or mores code  type thing?

But then again, who put them there, what is their purpose, how can we figure it out?

I love mysteries!
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