Mona Lisa's Real Identity

Here we go again.

"Many theories of Da Vinci’s works were phenomenal. For example last month, a series of numbers and letters found in the eyes of the Mona Lisa and the bridge in the background. Now, the Italian art historian claims to have revealed the Da Vinci code in the real version: the identity of the Mona Lisa.

Is a historian, Carla Glori who found that the existing bridge in the background of the Mona Lisa becomes an important clue. He said, the hump of the bridge where the number 72 faintly visible in there – is the real bridge spanning the River Trebbia at Bobbio, near Piacenza, Italy.

Glori, who wrote a book called Enigma Leonardo: Deciphering And Discovering, said sure, woman in the great work is Giovanna Bianca Sforza. Giovanna Bianca Sforza was the daughter of Ludovico il Moro, the ruling nobility in Bobbio, 500 years ago. Two letters found recently in the eyes of the Mona Lisa – the letter ‘S’ and ‘G’ alleged initials Bianca.

“Based on my research I have identified the subject is Giovanna Bianca Sforza and bridge in the background is one that spans the River Trebbia in Bobbio,” he said, as reported by the Daily Mail, Monday, January 10, 2011."

I guess I should have read the story about numbers and letters being found in the Mona Lisa a little more thoroughly. I guess there were two letters, "S & G" embedded inside of Mona's Eyes. The article above says that it stands for "Giovanna Sforza." I don't know how you could tell if the letters allude to initials, but lets go with that: Because I like it!

First I would think: Why hide the identity of the girl in the painting if it's "Giovanna Sforza"? Was there something especially scandalous or mysterious about painting her? Maybe, I don't know. Probably not.
So what else could "S & G" stand for? hmm. Oh how about Salai Giacomo! The same name and guy i've been theorizing about for the last few years. If you haven't seen  my findings before you can check them out by going to my site but i'll summarize here too. Also check out:
"Refutation" and 
My Press section for other articles. 

This is a painting of Salai Giacomo. Painted by an unknown painter around 1495. I theorize that either Leonardo painted this or maybe Salai himself, why?

Oh only because it aligns and combines with the Mona Lisa!

Animations showing this:

Which is also an anagram for her title: MONA LISA = Mon Salai or MONA LISA= Salino (another name for him) Mon is french for "my" so it means "My Salai" Salai's name was mentioned more than any other in Leonardo's journals, he also stayed with him until around his death  (25 years) and da Vinci left a large part of his will to him. Obviously they were very close and it's just as likely they were lovers. 
I realized that the painting of Salai and The Mona Lisa combine but I wasn't the first to have the idea to superimpose two faces on top of each other. Someone else already realized that Da Vinci's self  portrait aligned with the face of Mona Lisa. So that was just a starting point. I thought to myself: "Why would he do that?"

 I also realized that "John the Baptist" (which is really of Salai), also combines with the Mona lisa. 

So that means that Da Vinci's Face, Salai's Face (in his portrait and John the Baptist), and Mona's Face all combine!

There is a quote by da Vinci thats goes: "If liberty is dear to you, may you never Discover that my face is love's prison" His face is his self portrait. It's a prison of love that's only liberated when it's combined with the Mona Lisa and Salai (his love.) Get it? My theory is that Leonardo planned this all out to hide his love for another man that he couldn't express at the time. That when their faces are combined it creates their "daughter" hence the title of my book: "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter" - crazy? yes. But crazy and complicated doesn't make something untrue. And even if my theory isn't right the fact that the faces combine still stands. And thats only on chapter in my book. The rest are even better and even more controversial...

This is a drawing done by Leonardo. Notice the three faces being superimposed over each other? This shows that da Vinci had considered this idea. This is just one part that helps my case. There are journal entries detailing the process too. My biggest question has been: How? How did he do this? How could you see the faces being combined without a computer? .... I figured that out too, but you gotta wait for the book! ;-)

SO the fact that someone found the initials "S, G" supports my theory even more. Why would Leonardo Design these paintings to combine with the face of "Giovanna Sforza"? Because he would have had to designed them to combine, if they do.  It makes a lot more sense that S & G stand for Salai Giacomo. 

There is actually a lot more to it than that. If there is anything i've learned about Leonardo da Vinci is that he was not simple. He was complicated. You know the saying: "Keep it simple stupid" or Occam's Razor: 
 "the simplest explanation is more likely the correct one"
That is not the case with the Mona Lisa or my book. It's NOT simple, it's not easy, it's very complicated and very intricate. I mean the painting itself is painted with hundreds and thousands of layers of paint that are thinner than a human hair! It's 500 years old and people still can't completely figure it out. It's still in the news almost every month. There is a reason it's the most famous work of art in the world and it's not because it's easy. It's because it's mysterious. Why? It was designed to be. If the greatest genius who has ever lived wanted to leave behind his legacy, you can be assured it's going to be interesting and enigmatic. Right?


Anonymous said…
This is all very interesting, but how do you find and figure all of these things out?
Derek Bair said…
Years or research and trial and error. Reading through da Vinci's journals really helped.

It's a really long story, hence the book! I believe that it was all carefully preconceived by Leonardo for someone to figure out. So I just followed the clues..

I respect your research and ideas Mr.Bair and find all of this interesting to say the least. What do you feel about the Shroud of Turin? Do you think it is a hoax conjured up by DaVinci? Can the face actually be that of a grown up Salai?
Derek Bair said…
Hi Norma, thanks! I do think that Leonardo created the image on the Shroud of Turin. I have a section about it in my book and there is more info on my site. I wouldn't think that Leonardo would have used Salai's face for the Shroud though. He would have wanted to keep the face looking as Jesus looking as possible. That is also one of the biggest arguments of the shrould image being legitimate. What did Jesus's face look like? It is almost all to familiar and looks more like how he was represented in the Renaissance than how he would have appeared in c30 AD. When I see the Shroud I see a caricature of Jesus and not something that would have been a real-life 3d photo negative of an actual person. The bleeding at the wrists, the bleeding where the crown of thorns would be etc. are too clear and obvious to be realistic. I think to make the image Leo would have had to used a real body as a base, but it's more likely he used himself than Salai.

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