Macro vs. Micro (The art of War Craft)

Star Craft is a game by Blizzard from 1998, the same company that makes World of War Craft.

WOW has over 10 million players playing every month with a subscription @ 10$ a month (each). Needless to say they are elite video game developers. Billions - not millions. They are even making a big-budget World Of War Craft movie soon.

 There are people who have to go into addiction treatment for playing their games too much.


The game I've ever played more than any other game is definitely War Craft 3 (Also by Blizzard) 

Now I've graduated to Star Craft 2 which is essentially the same but set in space. it came out a few months ago and I find it to be a great time killer and mind focus-er. I literally don't think about anything else but the game while playing. 

It's an RPG which means role playing game, but it's also a Strategy game. The main goal is to build a base and then make enough units to go and attack and take over the opposing team. You have to destroy their base and all their units.  The only kind of game I play is the 4 vs 4, which means There are four players on my team and four players on the other team.  

The main point of this post - besides to enlighten you to a unique and popular part of the gaming world is to mention macro vs micro strategy.

What I like about this game is how many different variable there are. You can play the exact same game and it's always different. But to break it down to it's most basic parts there are two strategies - 

Macro and Micro
Micro is when you focus on a small number of units quickly and try to conquer the enemy with precision, you attack fast and accurately - controlling every little variable. You try to rush and harras your enemy. The disadvantage to that is if you are not successful you leave yourself open to future attacks in a longer game.

A MACRO strategy is different in that you try to set yourself up for a longer game and focus more on defense of your base and upgrading your units. 

There are advantages and weaknesses to each strategy. If you fail with a micro strategy it can be almost impossible to catch back up in a longer game. If you fail to deflect a micro strategy - you lose very quickly. Usually the best way to go about winning is to brace for a micro attack, but also plan for a macro game. To balance those two principals is tricky because you don't know what the enemy is planning. To complicate it further there are 3 different races with added strengths and weaknesses.. Terran, Protos, and Zerg. 

The point of this post isn't to talk about Starcraft Strategy as much as talking about Macro and Micro in life. I'm a Macro player. Just like I am in this game, I plan ahead. If someone is really good at micro and rushes me, I'll probably lose. But if they attack too soon and fail - I'll end up beating them later on. 

With this stradegy i'm either the top scorer 1/8 at the end of the game, or I lose right away. 

Another interesting thing about playing this is how i'm compelled to play 4 vs 4 games instead of a 1 vs 1. In real life I hate being on a team, I dont like sports, I would rather be alone. But when I play video games, I like to be on a large team. It's not to socialize, but to be less conspicuous. If it's 1 vs 1. The focus is on me. But if i'm in a 4 vs 4 - then the focus is only 1/8th. There is probably some psychologically ironic and counterintuitive idea to that. You join a group, not to fit in - but to be obscure.. Kinda like how zebras all herd together. Maybe they dont do it because they like each other or like to be together but because it lessens the likely hood that a Lion will single them out. Herding for safety not sociability.  This is not where I was expecting to go with this post. 

What it really comes down to is the old adage: "Slow and steady wins the race." but what they always forget to mention is that it depends on how long the course is.

This is another interesting and relatively new internet phenomena. I guess you could call it "Game casting" or gaming commentary? Players will send a recording of a game they played and someone else will explain what's happening. If you don't play the game it sounds like gibberish, but if you do it can be really entertaining and helpful. It's also becoming very popular, the following video is approaching a million views. Its' amazing how something as niche as this can be exploited and lead to a very lucrative business. It could literally become a full time- well paying job! 

And if that wasn't dorky enough. Feast your eyes on this!

This is one of the more clever and quality videos i've seen on youtube.. wow It has almost 5 million views already.

Justin Bieber's Baby song has been Banelized! On a side note Justin's original video "baby" has over 443,048,500 views
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