Landry Linted Last Supper

A woman (Laura Bell) used laundry lint to re-create the last supper. It's 14' by 4' 700-800hrs of laundry to get the lint and 200hrs to put it together. She did it to win an art contest - didn't win but Ripleys believe it or not bought it from her.

This is another copy of the Last Supper, w paint. 

It's interesting to see how other artists represent an original. The last supper is one of the most interesting works of art in the world not just because of its mysterious qualities but because of which version you're referring to.  There have been copies made hundreds of years ago up to today. With the advent of photography we get even more versions. Since it's been restored more than once and photographed through the years each picture of it is slightly different.



This painting started to fall apart when Leonardo was still alive. His "experimentation" with a new painting technique supposedly didn't hold up. I personally don't think it was a mistake but part of his plan to have another painting and details to be revealed after the top coat fell off. Either way it's interesting to wonder what it originally looked like. 

In my book i'm going to show how Leo designed the character on the left of Jesus to be a woman (Mary) and for the painting to hide additional images and animations through a secret technique. Preview on my site HERE There are plenty of clues and evidence to support that and will be posted when i'm closer to finishing up my book. 

The hand holding the knife - without a body is one clue.( It finds a body when it's mirrored.) and the hand pointing to "mary's" Adams apple (or where it should be) is another. The letters in the arches above the main scene is yet another - they re-arrange and form words when the process is used. 

Tis complicated! 



Anonymous said…
I appreciate you for this helpful post! Please forever keep it popping up. Kind regards.
Anonymous said…
I just added your web page to my favorites. I like reading your posts. Thanks!.
shelly said…
look real close there is a hand that does not belong to anybody AND IT HAS A KNIFE IN IT!!!!OmFg
shelly said…
Derek Bair said…
Yes the Hand with no person to account for it was just one clue that there are some mysterious questions that need answering! If you worked on a painting for 4 years I doubt you would "accidentally" paint in a rouge hand with a knife in it, right? Then why is it there?

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