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"I weighed in this morning at 161lbs, which means I weigh almost 20lbs less than I did only a month ago. To really put that into perspective you would have to try and lift a 20lbs weight. Or put it in a backpack and carry it around all day. It's a substantial amount of weight.

I've been watching A&E's new show "Heavy" which I find to be quite good. It follows super obese people as they try to lose weight for 6 months. No game, no prise, no gimmick - they just lose weight. One man on the show was so over weight that his body was leaking liquid from his leg. Another one had the same problem but without the leak -which turned into a HUGE tumor looking thing growing on his leg. It's crazy to think of how much food someone would have to eat to get to 600lbs and not to mention how long it would take.

See that between his legs? Thats not a testicle. 

Do they look better - yes. Do they look "good" - Not yet

If you had any doubt that food is/ can be an ADDICTION, then watch this show. There is nothing different between these people than the people on Intervention. It's just as dangerous and just as debilitating, if not even more so. While food addiction is probably less severe and easier to get past than, say - heroin or meth, it can be harder in some ways. Mainly that you can't live without eating, you can live without drugs.

The main component to most mental problems, especially addiction is an inability to control your impulses. You can't deal with your issues in a "healthy" way. So you cope by indulging in something in an excessive way. Eating, drugs, eating couch cushions, biting your nails, etc.

I think there are two reasons this happens to people.

 1: They are naturally prone to OCD/ addictive behavior. It's just how they are and it doesn't really matter what's going on in their lives, they will be obsessive about something. It's only a problem when the thing they become obsessed with negatively affects their life. This becomes compounded when there isn't a healthy release for this nervous/ excess energy. Eg: If my Dog Spencer doesn't get a walk or her bone she will pace and jump up and down off the couch over and over again. If she does get her walk (release), she'll rest calmly. These types of people need something to do thats good for them - like going to the gym or work. The solution is to find a productive outlet for your energy. If you dont then it drives you crazy and you'll turn to addictive and obsessive behaviors. If you don't give a parrot (hyper) enough mental stimulation that's stuck in a cage it will start to pull it's feathers out.  This is one reason people get super obese. They eat food to cope.

2. Something happens to them that causes the same problems as #1. They get a divorce, they were abused, they get fired from work, their children  are causing problems - basically anything that causes stress and anxiety. These people might not be that way naturally but something happens in their life that literally drives them crazy. A lot of the people on Intervention started doing drugs and get absorbed by it because something traumatic happened to them. So they self medicate and deal with their emotions by doing excessive amounts of drugs. The same thing happens to obese people but instead of drugs they turn to food. Food tastes good, and makes you feel good - in the same way that drugs do.  The solution to this is to face the problems head on without avoiding it by eating or taking drugs. When you're eating good tasting food you literally get a high from it, and dont think about your problems. Then when you're not eating you obsess over what you're going to eat next - and keep your mind off of your problems.

Working out and other healthy hobbies are a way of dealing with both of these core issues. Running on the tred mill will work as well as drinking alcohol, but drinking alcohol is easier and more convenient. Going for a hike will work as well as eating a pizza, but pizza is easier and more convenient.

 "The only way out is through"

In the show Heavy the people spend a month at a "fat camp" and learn how to work out and eat right from professionals. These people are hundreds of lbs over weight.. and in that time some of them lose less than 20lbs.. I find is very amazing that I was able to lose as much if not more in the same amount of time and I wasn't over weight! The show follows their progress for 6 months: at that point they have lost usually between 60-150lbs.  Progress, yes, but they are still over weight and no where near the bodies they would want. SIX MONTHS

What i'm really starting to understand from my experience so far is how long it really takes. People give up because it takes so long. They don't get immediate results or rewards so they stop. What's the point of doing something thats difficult and with staining from the things you like ,( LOVE) to eat when you dont get an amazing body over night? It's like continually doing favors for someone and not getting anything out of it. It's like "I went to the gym everyday for a week and all I lost was 1lb this is going to take forever it's not worth it!"

I'm working out 2-3 hours EVERYDAY now. I'm not eating anything even close to being "Bad" *good* and you can see the progress i've made in a month. Realistically most people won't be able to dedicate as much time and effort as I am and it's going to take me a couple more MONTHS not Days to get to where I want to be.

So think about the reality of how long it would take someone over weight to get to where they would want to be? We're talking months to years of a CONSTANT and increasingly difficult effort.

I'm not saying this to try to discourage anyone but more so to make them realize that you have to completely change your mind to change your body.

I'm going to get into advertising propaganda and why we have these unrealistic expectations later. We're literally being set up to fail and pay for it.

Thats why i'm doing this "Blook" to make people realize the truth, to understand what it really takes. Not to just lose some weight, but to lose any amount you want to. To take you from x to get to y. Yeah it's annoying, it might take a lot longer than you'd like.

It's not easy but we can do it anyways!

 I was about 180 a month ago 

 160 today. 
This is what id look like if I lost another 20lbs. "

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