Elliott Yamin

Elliot Yamin was a runner up for American Idol in it's firth season, he came in 3rd. His first single  "Wait for you" was popular, but his second CD "Fight for Love" didn't get much notice and only sold 49,000. Thats not a lot.

I've probably listened to this CD more than any other. It was by far my favorite CD of 2009. "Know Better" "You Say" "How Do I know" "This step alone" are the ones I liked best. The CD seems to walk you through the entire course of a relationship: from getting into it, to falling in love, to not knowing if it's really over, and then accepting that it is.

Another great song is "Someday" which he helped write is about his mother who had just died. I don't understand why he's not more popular and these songs aren't #1's. The only reason I can think of is that people haven't heard them. I don't just like this cd, I love it!

I'm listening through some of his unreleased songs on youtube, they are just as good. I was just reading up on him and it looks like he has a new cd coming out this month called "Gather' Round" but  it's being released in Japan.. I can't wait!


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