Numbers and Letters in Mona's Eyes

The real-life Da Vinci Code: Historians discover tiny numbers and letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa

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So the Mona Lisa is in the news again - this time for researchers finding tiny numbers and letters in her eyes. 

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If you've been following my blog/ site / book then you know I have been finding hidden images inside Leonardo's art for years now. 

But it's not just that he hid numbers and letters and images in an obscure way, such as this article explains. Kinda like "where's waldo" where you have to look for them. He did include hidden images in that way but i've also found other techniques he's used such as mirroring and what i'm calling the "Sfumato Effect."

You might wonder what he's hidden? Would he just put letters and numbers and have no meaning - or are they just glimpses into part of a greater whole? I've actually found hidden numbers with arrows that were only visible after a painting was mirrored on itself 4 ways.

10.2010 > ???
These are directions... and they only appear after a certain technique is used. 

The most interesting part of all of this isn't that he hid additional information, it's that you have to know it's there - and then be able to recognize it. I know i've made some images that I didn't notice the hidden images it held until some time later. It's not just "where's waldo" it's "What's waldo!" It's extremely difficult to find images of things you dont know to be looking for. Thats one of the reasons it's taken me so long to finish my book.

On top of that it's also really difficult to understand what they mean. I've found he used certain symbols that are almost like those on Egyptian walls - but its a language I don't understand. So even if i can see them I dont know what they mean or stand for.

Also there are many instances of hidden images that aren't symbols but actual cartoon sequences.. Like comic books where you only see one image, then another and you have to imagine what's going on between them.

Another thing to consider is that Leonardo was developing his technique and perfecting it over time. It would be almost impossible to  go through his art in a chronological order. So a lot of the time It seems like he's not using a fully developed technique but only experimenting. Since he was developing these ideas independently and not being taught - there had to have been a lot of trial and error along the way. It's also VERY complicated and time consuming and he was very ADD with his art and didn't tend to finish. The idea was more important than the follow through.

The directions for how to "De-Code" his art are in his journals, but they are also fragmented and not chronological. So instead of a simple 1 2 3 4 step set of directions - it's spread out over thousands of journals and usually also obscure and almost encoded in the language itself. He didn't just say "Do this, then do that" or at least not in a clear way. This is either because he wanted to keep it secretive so only a select few could understand - or that he was developing the technique throughout his life and when we read his journals - we're following his progression in a fragmented way - because it WAS developed in a fragmented way. I know that i've definitely been discovering the technique in a frustratingly fragmented fashion.

It gets even more complicated than that and I'm not going to post the reallllly fun stuff until I get closer to finishing my book. But lets just say it will change the history of a couple artistic discoveries and inventions..

I could just come out and say exactly how to see it, but I gotta give you a reason to buy my book. This new news article is a nice push to start writing my book a lot more fervently. I like that word, fervently!
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