Skyline - Review

So I just got back from seeing the new movie: Skyline.

Although it's gotten some pretty bad reviews and only a 22% positive rating on rotten tomatoes - I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It only cost 500k$ for physically filming it, but ended up with a total budget of 10 million. All the extra money went into the special effects - and it showed.

It was a combination of Cloverfield - Independence Day - War of the Worlds - and surprisingly a little bit of Night of the Living Dead.

Skyline is kinda a double meaning title to the movie since it's about aliens coming from the sky - and most of the movie taking place in a high rise building in LA. It basically follows a group of people trying to survive being taken up - where their brains will be taken and downloaded - and then used to power/ run a new alien body. The aliens started by sending down balls of light that - if stared at would take over the viewers body and make them go towards it - being sucked into a space ship.

There were a lot of really cool ideas but nothing too original. There were also a lot of really cheezy parts - but for me, they worked. I didn't go to see gone with the wind! A lot of reviewers seem to have unrealistic expectations and  almost seem to crave finding a movie to rip apart. Skyline was an easy target, but I left the theater feeling inspired and fulfilled. I didn't go to see a great story and good acting (I thought they did fine) I went to see aliens and lots of CGI. The ending was awesome and I hope they make a sequel.

A controversy between the filmmakers and sony might result in a law suit. Another movie is coming out in March 2011 with a very similar story - aliens invading Los Angeles. The problem was the directors didn't tell sony that they were working on the effects for such a similar movie - something like that.

Battle Los Angeles is inspired by a real life event that took place from late February 24 to early February 25, 1942. Thousands of people saw something flying in the sky which resulted in alarms sounding and the military firing on it. A couple people even died from heart attacks and stray bullets.  Later it was said to be a "false alarm" and that nothing was there.. To the thousands of people who saw it.. it's a mystery. Whats funny is I didn't even know about the movie being made about the event until today when I was reading about Skyline - but I had a picture from the 1942 even as the background on my phone last week.

I can't help but mention the Mystery Missile that was seen launching just north of Catalina Island on November 8th, 2010. The US Navy claims they don't know what it was or who launched it... WTF?? So there are random and unknown rockets going off just off the Southern Californian coast - with no explanation? You would think this would be a bigger deal than everyone seems to be making of it.


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