Kinect - "Hackers"

Kinect is Microsoft's newest innovation in the gaming world. Instead of using controllers - a pair of cameras watches you and uses your bodies movements - as the controller. It's some pretty cool technology and although it's uses in gaming is limited by the launch titles and lack of buttons - it's going to revolutionize the industry.

The difference between hardware and software refinement is interesting. It seems that most developers can't quite get them to co-operate in the right way - right when it's released. Slowly patches and firmware updates improve the quality and dynamics of the experience - but that can take a lot of time. Well, back when there wasn't good hackers! Today there are people out there who in a matter of months/ days can do what seems to take huge companies with almost unlimited resources and employees months if not years.

Kinect only recently came out in the last couple weeks and there are already rouge programmers, aka. Hackers who have unlocked hidden and additional abilities to the Kinect hardware.

The same can be seen in mobile phones - there are people who tweak and improve a phone's software to make it faster and more user friendly. When I say "good hackers" I mean that instead of creating viruses and things to do bad - they are using their computer programing powers to improve and augment devices. I think it makes the Industry players look incompetent, but then again there has to be the original hardware and software to improve on, and you don't see people making things like Kinect from scratch - very often. (yet)

I'm interested to see where this new trend is heading. If I were microsoft (etc), I would be hiring these guys asap - before they start their own rival companies.

Yet another example..

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