This is an ironically fishy story. Four guys were fishing off of "Jaws beach" where Jaws: The revenenge was filmed. Their boat stopped working so two of them jumped in the water to pull it to shore. They then "Dissapeared." I dont know what the other two guys on the boat were doing? It seems strange that two people would both drownd?

A few days later other people were fishing and caught a huge tiger shark:

"We were going to cut the hook out of his mouth and let him go when he
regurgitated a human foot -- intact from the knee down,"

They cut it open and found the body of one of the guys who had dissapeared a couple days before off Jaws beach. They haven't found the other body, and they don't know if he was alive when he was eaten.. If it was a shark that ate him, and he didn't downd, then what happened to the other guy?


The first time I went Scuba Diving, when I was like 13 was in Hawaii. The guy teaching me how was bringing me down on the first dive. When I looked around I saw this HUGE 15ft tiger shark swimming on the bottom. NO one else saw it. Since it was my first time I wasn't sure if it was normal? I've seen pleanty of nature videos on sharks, but I didn't think you were suppose to swim with them. I didn't want to swim with it.  So I poked the instructor and then pointed at the shark. I guess it wasn't normal cause we went right back up and got everyone out of the water. It almost attacked a snorkler and ended up being written about in the local paper. It was pretty cool. But I don't like sharks. I'm a "vegitarian" but I do eat sharks. It's only fair.
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