G1 vs Vibrant

It's been almost 2 years since I got my HTC G1 Cell phone. 

It was the first Google Android phone. Android is an operating system on cell phones which is soon to evolve into a computer operating system as well - like Apple's Leopard and Windows 7 (vista xp)

It's amazing how far cell phones have come in such a short time. And by the time I finish writing this post a new-er and even better phone will be out.

My contract wasn't up so instead of paying an extra 200$ to switch to Verizon and getting the Droid X, I got the new Samsung Galaxy s Vibrant.

I didn't really want to upgrade but my G1 wouldn't hold a charge and would turn off if it wasn't plugged in.

 Since both phones have Android, as soon as I put my sim card in, everything updated instantly and I already knew exactly how to use everything. All my contacts, my email accounts, etc.

When I first started to play with the Vibrant I was so impressed with the speed. It has a 1ghz Hummingbird processor. I remember when I had my second computer built which cost almost 3k$ and only had 333mhz, which is less than half the speed of this phone. That's pretty impressive.

I've always had a phone with a full physical keyboard because I text more than I talk. I also like to write down notes and stuff when i'm on the go, or on the couch. It used to act as a mini lap top and I could type realllly fast with my thumbs. Now it's all on screen and although there is a learning curve, i'll never be able to type quite as fast or as accurately. This phone comes with "Swype" which is innovative, interesting, and possibly a little faster than normal on screen typing. Instead of pushing each letter for a word on the on screen keyboard you swipe your finger from letter to letter - without lifting your finger and the phone can tell what word you mean. It works really well, and i'm sure the longer I use it the faster i'll get. It is quite annoying to take literally triple or longer to type on-screen vs with a keyboard. It's almost a deal breaker for me and makes me miss my old phone.

My only complaints with my G1 were the speed, the bad quality camera, and the battery life. other than that I loved it. It's quirky design grew on me. It was the perfect size. And it had all the apps I wanted and actually used on a daily basis.

The vibrant takes care of those problems but adds some new and frustrating annoyances.

  • First, and what doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, is the power button. Its on the right hand side of the phone instead of on the bottom. It takes some getting used to. It also turns the screen on and unlike the g1 where you only had to press it twice to get to the main screen, on the Vibrant you have to push the power button, and then move your finger along the screen to unlock it. It adds a step that I don't want to have to take.

  • Second the main buttons on the phone, which are in the same place as the G1 aren't buttons but instead are flush and captive. Meaning that they sense your finger instead of actually being a physical button. I like real buttons much more. They are more responsive and easier to find. 

  • Third the camera is quite good, 5mp, but there is no button on the phone to take a picture. You have to push the screen. Which isn't so bad unless you're trying to take picture of yourself or when you can't see the screen. I like to take pictures of myself.. and it's reallllly annoying trying to find the right spot on the screen to press blindly. 

  • Forth is obviously the lack of keyboard but that's not the phone's fault. I'm actually considering returning the phone, getting a new battery for my g1 and holding out until march when my contract is up and hopefully they'll be a full keyboard phone by tmobile or switch to version and get the droid 2. My mom is getting it and im really jealous..

  • Fifth it doesn't have an alert light. So if i get a text message when I wasn't looking at my phone it doesn't have a light that lets me know i have a message pending. I have to actually turn on the screen to check. I can't believe this isn't something everyone phone would have, especially a brand new one?

But for those interested in a really fast, really pretty, and what has been called the best screen on any phone (even the new iphone 4) it's a great phone.

It comes with a full copy of avatar already installed on the phone. The quality is absolutely amazing. We have a Samsung hd tv and they used the same technology on the cell phone's screen.

The size of the phone is also just right. It's not too big, not too small. It's really light, and feels good in your hand.

Melissa Thompson typed:

"The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human"

in 25.94 seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S phone.  It's the new world record for texting on a phone. Apparently my criticism of the lack of a physical keyboard being too slow to text was just ignorance and lack of practice. I take it back

Also.. and really frustrating is T-mobile just announced the G2, of course. I would have totally held out had I known. Getting a new phone is like breaking up with your old one. In some ways you miss it, but in other ways you're so much better off. I didn't realize how much I appreciated that damn LED notification light. I can't quite get used to being without a dedicated camera button, or the power button being in the "wrong" place.. Holding them each in different hands at the same time.. I'm part nostalgic, and part excited for the future.

I can't help but relate and compare the evolution in my phones in less than two years to myself. Some things have gotten better, and some have definitely not. The things I thought I would miss, I dont. Sometimes I feel like I take 10 huge leaps forward and 1000 tiny steps back. But that's ok cause Id rather take the scenic route through my life anyways! And even when I upgrade my phone to the latest and greatest, I always keep the old ones laying around somewhere.

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