YouTube - little girls going hard on single ladies

YouTube - little girls going hard on single ladies

Of course this is bound to cause controversy. They are little girls being sexy.. Right?

"they are too young for that, but they are good"

First there is a huge difference between something sexual, and dancing. That assumes that because a little girl dances like Beyonce, that it will make them have sex? It's like a gateway dance? Is that how it works?

Second, those girls probably have no sexual thoughts at all. They worked really hard on the dance moves, they dont even really have a concept of being "Sexy" I think it's very obvious that the people who think this is too sexual for girls of that age - have something wrong with THEM. If you're looking at young girls dancing and think sexual thoughts, or that there is something wrong with the type of dance and their age.. why?

What it really comes down to is that the people who are uncomfortable by this have a guilty conscious. Even if it's not their own, it's for others - mostly men- who would find some type of, whatever they get out of it.

I thought "Wooow they did really good for their age, amazing" not "wow they are sexual deviants, or attracting sexual deviants."

Think about it. Who's really the ones with the problem?
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