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 This is some crazzzzzzzzy stuff.
"J**** ***** 22 August at 07:48
Hi R****,
It was great seeing you and your husband the other day! Your son looks so big! The reason I’m writing to you today is a small matter of concern, mainly your dog. I’ve seen the way he’s been looking at my Fifi and I don’t like it. I can’t afford to take care of puppies right now so please make sure he stays away from my dog.
Hope to see you soon!

R**** ********* 22 August at 14:23
Hi J****,
Ranger isn’t an outside dog and only goes outside to do his business on the other side of the house from your yard. If he’s ever outside of the yard, he’s always on leash, so he shouldn’t bother your dog.

J**** ***** 25 August at 12:42
I warned you about your dog! He raped my baby and now Fifi is pregnant! I told you I can’t afford puppies, so I expect you to cover all costs. I’ll drop the vet bills off tonight.
R**** ********* 25 August at 16:11

Hi J***,
I’m sorry to hear that your dog is pregnant. However, I will not be paying for anything. There are three reasons for this.
1) Ranger has not been out of the house in over 2 weeks due to a nasty run in with some spear grass.
2) My dog is a bichon frise. Your dog is a great dane. Ranger couldn’t even reach Fifi without a ladder and a map, so rape is an incredibly harsh accusation. Fifi would have to be very willing for that pairing.
3) And really, this is the most important note: Ranger is fixed. He’s been neutered since we got him from the pound 2 years ago. I have all of the paperwork from the initial vet visit if you wish to see it.
I hope you find the father of her puppies. If not, you could sell them and try to recoup your losses.
Good luck,

At 7PM that night, J**** came over to our house to drop off the vet bills. When we reiterated the fact that Ranger is fixed, he became verbally abusive and started making threats about raping our 15 month old son to get back at us. I, of course, called the police and pressed charges. Two weeks later, I received another email from J**** on Facebook.

John ***** 12 September at 12:42

Dear R****,
I’m sorry for uttering threats against you and your family. After speaking with my lawyer, I realize that it was wrong. I’ll tell you what, if you agree to drop the charges, you’ll only have to pay for half the vet bills.
Yours Truly,
J**** ***** 12 September at 16:54
I’ll drop of an invoice at your house if that will be easier.
J**** ***** 12 September at 23:56
Sorry I missed you tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow!
J**** ***** 13 September at 11:23
Are you out of town? I left the invoice in your mailbox. You can pay me as soon as you get back.
J**** ***** 13 September at 13:21
Hello? I noticed you updated your Facebook status. Does that mean you’re home?
J**** ***** 13 September at 17:44
Your no longer on my friend list. Did you delete me?
J**** ***** 13 September at 19:56

6 days ago we got a letter from J****’s lawyer about his intent to sue. I faxed the lawyer a copy of my dog’s medical records with the date he was neutered circled. We haven’t heard from either the lawyer or J**** since.

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