Flo and Kay: Dick Clark's Smartest Fans

 Dick Clark: November 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012
(I am updating this post from 2010)

I was able to re-watch this show and got a better screen shot of the strange last supper hanging up in their room. Still can't find them online or their family to ask about it. 

Flo and Kay are Autistic Twin Savants. 

They can remember dates and facts for just about everything they have ever heard. They are obsessed with Dick Clark and have seen every episode of 1000$ Pyramid. They can tell you exactly what he was wearing on each show and what the questions were. You can ask them "When was Present Ronald Regan's elected, what was his birthday?" And they'll instantly give you the correct answer, and even include the weather that day and the exact time.

Basically they are the type of Savants called "Prodigious Savants" which is like the top tier of genius. There are maybe 100 known Savants of any kind in the world.

What i'm trying to figure out is the whole mind - dream - visualization - memory faculty. How do these twins store the memory for what Dick Clark was wearing on a certain show? How are they able to calender calculations instantly? Why are these people (Autistics) who are considered abnormal or "disabled" imbued with gifts that "normal" people don't have? One out of 10 autistic people have savant abilities- the rest aren't mentally disabled. So unlike someone with down syndrome or have some learning disability - who might not be able to learn some things like math or advanced themes - autistics can. Their disability is in not having social abilities, not in intelligence.

But the point of this post isn't about autism in general  it's about what I saw when watching Flo and Kay's show that intrigued me. A lot!

Since my book is basically about what makes someone genius, and what genius is, and how that relates to autism, Leonardo Da Vinci - and his art. I was both surprised and also .. hmm whats the word, confirmed?   by something I noticed.

You could say this is just a coincidence but for me it's just further evidence that i'm on the right track. Since I don't know where the tracks are leading to, this is more like a sign post that lets me know i'm at least heading in the right direction.

I'm on the 5th re-write to my book, and like I said it's main themes are Da Vinci - Autism - Visualization - and Art, specifically a new type of art that combines the themes I just listed.

So you can imagine my re-action to seeing a modified - and almost unrecognizable version of the last supper hanging on the wall behind flo and kay during their interview.. WTHeck?

I've seen almost all the different versions of the Last Supper. I have thousands of pictures of pictures on my computer of it that i've been collecting for the last 4 years. And most of them are modified versions that I made myself in photoshop.

One of my theories is that Da Vinci hid other images in the painting that can be seen if you know how. So I've been working on de-coding that process. Hence the thousands of images I've made.

The image behind Flo and Kay is obviously of Da Vinci's Last Supper. 

But not any version i've ever seen! Where the hell did they get it? This is from years ago, before I even started on any of this. When I started it was independent, meaning I came up with it on my own and wasn't inspired by anything else but maybe the Da Vinci code. I didn't know that there was a secret way to process art. I didn't think anything would happen if I played with Da Vinci's art in photoshop. There were very specific steps and discoveries that led to the next.

SO, what is this? There are copies of the Last Supper. There are other paintings inspired by the Last Supper. But what is this blue and red version?  And there is no chair in the center! and there are four stools.

In this version, which was taken before the restoration, you can't even see the stools. And the back of the chair in the center is very prominent. But in the version behind Flo and Kay - it's not there, and you can see the stools. 

This is a copy of the last supper painted by someone else. You'll notice the absence of the chair in the center. 

But, this still isn't the same image that's behind Flo and Kay is it?

So what is it?????

I dont exactly know what this means. 

The image above of Flo (or kay) and Da Vinc's last supper that's been altered/ enhanced is my book in a nutshell. It's a mystery! and I gotta figure it out. 

If anyone has any ideas or has seen this version of the Last Supper before, or knows how I can get in contact with Flo or Kay to ask them, let me know.

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