Some interesting news lately.

They found a vegetarian spider in central America. Which would be the first of it's kind. Almost like finding a shark that eats sea weed. link Its a type of jumping spider which just happen to be my favorite insect. A couple months ago I was at a jacuzzi and was playing with one. It would jump on my hand, then back down, then back up again.

T-mobile's Sidekick customers will be getting a 100$ gift certificate and a free month of data service. Their servers crashed and all data on all sidekicks was lost. They tell you not to turn off your phone, cause if you do you'll lose all the info on your phone when it turns back on. Pictures, #'s, notes, address books, etc. I just switched from a sidekick to a G1. I still have my old sidekick(s) and am curious what will happen if i turn them on. I would be one of the rare customers who would be happy with all the data being erased. I was trying to figure out how to do that anyways. There are some notes on there that I could stand to lose. link

A painting I posted about here. Was proven to be an authentic Da Vinci. They found his finger print on it. Whenever I see "Da Vinci" in the headlines I get a lil excited. It gives me a little push to work on my book.

Look a blade less fan? I want one
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