In the Realms of the Unreal

My xbox360 can now get streaming Netflix. When it's hooked up to the internet, I can browse through hundreds of Movies that will play instantly. This is a great addition to the movies I get in the mail from them, and the blockbuster movie pass that lets me rent as many as I want for a monthly fee.

The Netflix on demand is probably the best thing to come along in a while. It's like being able to go to rent movies - but in my room. It's been an enabler for my insomnia but in a good way. I've been watching a lot of stuff, usually 3-4 movies a night.

Lately i've been on a documentary fix. I think of them as being educational more than entertaining.

Realms of the Unreal: was one of the most interesting one i've seen. It's about the life of Henry Darger.

Henry lost his mother and little sister when he was really young. He didn't even remember them. He was left with his disabled father who couldn't leave the house. So at a young age he was the one who had to go out and get groceries and supplies. He learned to read very early and when he started school they put him in 3rd grade soon after.

There was something very different about Henry. He would make strange sounds in class and his eccentricities led to him being sent to a special school - or a crazy house for kids. There he was "forced' to work almost like a slave. Kind of how prisoners are used as laborers.

Eventually he ran away back to Chicago. He was drafted to the army, but never left the united states.

Years later and for the rest of his life he worked as a Janitor for a Church. He kept to himself and attended Church daily.

Nothing to interesting happened to him, and there isn't much else to say about him. That was until he died and his landlady looked in his apartment.

In it she found a 15 thousand page book, and hundreds of painted illustrations. They said when he would get home from work, they would hear voiced coming from his room and thought he had a party going every night. But it was really him talking to himself in different accents and voices.

He lived in his own little world and every night, for hours and hours would write his epic book about these beautiful young girls who would wage war against the evil country that enslaved and did horrible things to little children.

He would document what each war cost, the casualties, and who the generals were. To him, this was a real world.

He taught himself to "paint" and used different mediums to create the illustrations to his story. He was obsessed with little girls in a way that made it obvious he was limited in his understanding of them. He idolized them, and turned them into angel like warriors.

All of this was heavily tinted with Christianity. His stories went back and forth between evil and good, and his own trends towards God.

At one point he read a story and cut out a picture of a little girl that was murdered.

He also wrote thousands of journals, and this is how we know what he was thinking.

So in these journals you can read about him getting angry at god for the photo of this murdered girl being lost. He would cry and plead to go every night for the photo to return. He couldn't find it and it led to him having a mini-religious-meltdown and almost forsaking god, who wouldn't answer his prayers.
Basically he was one crazy man. One time he told his landlord that a beautiful 17 yo Italian woman had raped him and took his money. But it became pretty obvious that his concept of sex and the opposite was very off. In his paintings he drew the little girls with penises. Which makes it seem like he had never actually seen a girl naked.

After watching it I was pretty sure he was autistic, and showed all the signs. A recluse, visual arts inclined, obsessive, and a loss of touch with the "real world"

But he is by far one of the most interesting people I've heard about. I think he read a lot of books, and then had a lot of time on his hands and lived out the life he fantasized about in his stories. At over 15k pages His book could very well be the longest story every written.

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