So last night around 12:25 I heard what sounded like gunshots. Two of them. It made me wonder if that's what they really were, and if I should call the police or something. But since I wasn't sure, and I couldn't figure out what it could have been. I just put my mp3 player back on and thought about what it could be.

Less than a song later there was a helicopter circling right over my block with it's light shining down. Wow, I guess it was a gun shot?

Now I began to wonder - is it more reassuring that the Lake Forest Police have a 3min response time? Or less reassuring that there would be guns going off?

I thought, that's pretty fast. Like amazingly fast. One of the advantages in living between two of the safest cities in the United States is that there isn't much crime. Which means that there isn't much to be done. So when something does happen, it gets full attention.

These were all the thoughts going through my mind as I locked the front gate. Then about 10min later a firetruck pulled in. Then another.

Soon after I started to hear chainsaws.. WTF? Is there some kinda massacre going on over there? I figured they were having to cut into the front door to get the gunman out, or maybe the gunman also had a chainsaw and was keeping them out?

Either way there was something going on!

I realllly wanted to go out and investigate, but just in case there really was scarface out there.. I waited until today to go see if I could figure out what happened.

It's pretty ironic cause last night was the first time it's rained in months and it looks like this house burned almost all the way down.

The "Gun shots" must have been things exploding in the fire. I'm guessing someone tried use their fireplace for the first time in a while. And got more than they expected.

This is Derek without a channel reporting. Back to you
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