1 in a million

This is exactly why I will not get a flu shot. I would rather get the actual flu, and be sick for a while then risk getting something like this.

The "swine flu" is only deadly if there is already something wrong with you - with your immune system. Or you're really young or old. If you're healthy the swine flu is like getting another kind of flu, just stronger.

Not to mention that actually getting the flu isn't for sure. But why risk putting some weird virus in your body, that you might or might not need.

I'm not one for legal actions but something should be done to help her. Especially since the 'real" reason behind a vaccine, and most drugs is to sell them. Imagine if they made it mandatory for everyone to get a flu shot - like how they do with other shots to go for public school. Then imagine 304MILLION people paying x amount of dollars for them. Thats a lot of money to be made.

It's so sad
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