(This was from 2 years ago)

Why Can't my muscles look like that?

I just had a really obvious realization.

Lets say someone is really over weight but they dont want to be. They want to lose 50lbs. They know how to do it - (dont eat so much, work out more.) It might take a couple months but they they stick with it, they'd lose that 50lbs for sure.

But then they dont work out or eat less. So they dream about being 50lbs lighter, but dont do anything about it, Even though they really want to.

The problem is that it requires a daily discipline. Lets say I want to gain 15lbs of muscle and look like the picture above.. Why dont I do anything about it? Cause it would take too long? I can't do it in 30min or less so It's not worth it?

Then there are other things that would require 10 minutes or less to accomplish. Lets say I want to contact someone and tell them how i really feel and that i'm sorry about something. To tell someone you made a mistake or to apologize. Or to send someone flowers. Stuff like that. It wouldn't take a month, it could be done quickly. That would take a text message or a phone call. I could do it anytime i want - but I still don't. Why don't you? What are we waiting for? Why do I sit around and wait to work out? I want to do ____ but I dont do what it would take to do it. I'm waiting for something, what is it? Inspiration? Modivation?

It's like when you're in a movie theater and you are really enjoying the movie - but you have to pee! You realize you might not be able to hold it till the end, but you dont want to miss anything. And it's annoying to move past people's legs, and to use a public restroom. So you'll sit there and wait for JUST the right time. The balance between HAVING to go, and being able to ignore it and it doesn't bother you too much. You'll be sitting there thinking to yourself, trying to decide when you should go. When you should act. You'll put it off until it's perfect timing, or till you can't take it anymore. Cause even though you want to pee- it doesn't feel good to hold it. You have to decide when you're ready to deal with the struggle of leaving the theater and finding an empty toilet.. It's annoying!

Its like you can spend allll day thinking about going to the gym, and all day putting it off, and then just give up instead of giving in and actually going. It's stupid really. What keeps us from just going?

So when it comes to writing a book, which I do want to finish. I'll barely work on it, even though I "should" and want to.

Like with going to the bathroom, you dont want to until you have to. If I had the same sensation of urgency that comes from an overflowing blatter... I would be typing a lot more.

What I thought about was what makes someone who doesn't lose those 50lbs different from someone who does? What's different about the guys will power to get bodies like that, that I lack?

How much they want it? How much they care? How bold they are?

If someone were to tell me: "If you dont finish your book in a week I will kill your dog" I could finish my book in a week. I have that capacity. I could stay up - everyday, type really fast. And finish it pretty easily. If someone said; "I'll kill your whole family if you dont lose 50lbs in 3 months" you would do it.

Now whats most interesting to me, is that although I know and can admit to myself I have the potential to finish my book in a week. I dont. Do I want to finish my book? yes. But if I reallllly did, I would. But I dont. I work on it as little as possible, sometimes not at all.

I want to have a nicer body. I want to have a ripped stomach and chest. I want to look in the mirror and be like "DAMNNN i look good!"

And all i would have to do is take 20min out of my day or less and do some sit ups and push ups. But I dont! If I did 150push ups a day, every other day for a month - I would look 10x's better. I wouldn't have to leave my house, It wouldn't cost me ANY money, I wouldn't have to go to the gym. I wouldn't have to eat different. ALL i would have to do is take 10min out of my day - which I dont even have anything to do anyways - and do some push ups. And I could look really good, like better than i ever have. In a month or less. And thats just the bare min. If I went to the gym and ran and ate really well - Id look even better - even faster! But I dont even do the bare minimum???


I know I should quit smoking, I know I should drink a lot less - but I dont. I intend to though...

I KNOW i need to stop drinking so many energy drinks - but I dont. I come up with some excuse to keep doing the exact same things over and over. I'm addicted and i'm weak. I dont have the "Modivation" to do it. I would rather do something I know is bad for me, than to stop and change. How does that make any sense what so ever?

Does it make me better or worse that I realize this? Wouldn't I first have to accept the problem before I could change it??? hmm maybe thats it. What i've been "Intending" to do, and what i've been procrastinating is about to be begun and then completed..

What if instead of taking 10min to drive and buy and energy drink and cigs - I did sit ups instead? What if instead of smoking for hours a day - I did push ups instead? What If instead of drinking - sat and typed my book? I would have been done years ago. I would have a model Adonis body, and I would be happier with myself than being a smoking, drinking, lazy, "loser!"

Am I alone here?

If you put a gun to my head and said "If you smoke again I will kill you" I wouldn't smoke again, ever.

And i know that. It woudn't be worth it to me. If you put a gun to my head and said "you have to have a six pack in a month" I would have a six pack in a month. If you said "you have to write a chapter a day for a week" I could do that. I have 24hrs in a day, and I can type like almost 100wpm. It's very possible. It's already in my head, i just need to type it.

SO the point isn't that I "could" if there was a gun to my head. It's that I could imagine there is a gun to my head - even when there's not. And do the same thing. If I realllllly wanted to I could never smoke another cig. If I wanted to I could have not only a better body, but finish my book in a month. Easy. But is it really? yes. I know without a doubt in my head I could. And i know that I want to - but, curiously - i dont do it! WHY???

Why can't I do the things I want to do?

Why can't I not do the things I dont want to?

The answer is simple. You can, and you can't. You just have to do it. No excuses, no justification, just do it. Or just - dont do it.

You are in control.

It's not "i think I can, I think I can' it's "I KNOW i can, I will."

I would love to have my body look like that. I could probably get it in 3-4 months or less. Why dont' I??? Why don't you???

I should also distinguish what i'm talking about than from the "impossible." There are people who weigh over 1000lbs. If you told them: "If you dont have a six back in a month - I will kill you" No matter how hard they tried, they COULD NOT get a 6pack. It's literally impossible. If you told someone who couldn't read or write, or was mentally disabled to write a book in a month - they would be unable to do it. Even if they tried everything possible. They are un-capable.

I'm not talking about people like them. I'm talking to people like us. Who know deep down we can do something, and deny and make excuses that we "Cant" -there is a huge difference. If you can do something, and you dont. Then the only excuse is yourself.

Conquer yourself

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