Eat me!

If you dont think eating meat is "Wrong"
Then go up to a cow or a pig, shot them in the head with a nail. Bleed them out. Peel off their skin. Cut them into little pieces, put them on a fire - cook them and THEN eat them. Do this when you're not hungry, and when there is plenty of other and healthier things to eat. I'm not talking about life or death situations, if you're stuck in the mountains and there is a squirl there c'mon, you almost have to. I'm talking about driving through McDonald's and buying a hamburger instead of a salad. You know it's not better for you. You know you're eating dead flesh. But you'll still order it over a salad. It's like being a vampire - or carnivore. YOu have to eat meat to survive. You can't eat vegetables. You are born to murder other creatures to survive. But seeing as humans are omnivorous, we have a choice. And the whole "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" doesn't seclude animals. I also find it hypocritical that someone could be fined or go to jail for miss treating their dog - but can slaughter a pig and it's totally ok. Pigs and dogs are almost the exact same. Or a horse vs a cow. What - something being more cute means they shouldn't be killed? It's ok to kill ugly people and not attractive ones??? It's not ok to kill a cute little baby - but it's ok to kill a soldier?

Lets not forget that pigs are so similar to humans that we can take out their heart valves - put them in our bodies and they'll work??? And that they are as smart as dogs. Would you eat a dog? Just cause it tastes good?

I know I shouldn't smoke. I know it's "wrong" cause i'm giving myself cancer. But I do it anyways cause I want to. And if i were to eat bacon right now, I would be doing the same thing. But I'm not just hurting myself. I'm contributing to something being killed. We can live without meat - we live longer if we dont eat meat. You're healthier and thinner when you dont. Vegetarians live longer - proven. Most peoples excuses when it comes to eating meat is that "you have to eat meat" wrong.

"he American Dietetic Association and the Dietitians of Canada have found a properly planned vegetarian diet to satisfy the nutritional needs for all stages of life, and large-scale studies have shown vegetarianism to significantly lower risks of cancer, ischaemic heart disease, and other fatal diseases.[29][30][31] Necessary nutrients, proteins, and amino acids for the body's sustenance can be found in vegetables, grains, nuts, soymilk, eggs and dairy.[32]"

Also, the only proven way to extend your life span is by a calorie restricted diet. Meaning - the less calories you consume - the longer you'll live. And seeing as you could eat 10 pounds of vegetables and get 100x's the calories from eating meat - obviously you'd live longer if you were a vegetarian. People who eat a lot of meat everyday are more fat - first of all. And secondly will be shortening their lives. I could eat salad all day every day, and never be able to get as fat as someone eating steak and bacon. If you sat on a couch with me and ate bacon at the same rate i ate broccoli - you would die wayyyy before me. And you would be 10xs more unhealthy. Not to mention weight a ton more than me.

So, when you eat meat you're doing it just because it tastes good. You know, if eating baby humans tasted good - i still wouldn't do it. Would you? So why would you eat a cute little pig? It doesn't taste THAT Good.

That is what bacon is. Think about it. Please

Moral of the post: Just because you dont believe something is wrong - doesn't mean that it isn't wrong. The question that usually answers if something is bad is "Does it hurt someone else?"

yes or no? Does it hurt you?

If i eat an apple - it doesn't hurt the tree. The tree wants me to eat it. Thas the point of an apple. For something to eat it and then spread the seed. Does a cow want you to eat it? nope! Is it hurting a cow when murder it? If someone murdered your mother - and said "Oh but she wasn't in any paint when she died" would that mean it wasn't wrong? Oh the cow doesn't feel any pain - they dont feel the nail going into their brain! - and? The point? Is it not dead? Is it not wrong to murder? Dont even get me started on the death penalty and war! Same difference.
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